High School

High School phone number is 218-847-4491

Principal: Darren Wolf - contact information 847-4491 ext 2164 dwolf@detlakes.k12.mn.us

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As we begin the 2020-21 school year after an incredibly complicated spring of 2020, please know that first and foremost the safety of your child and the staff at DLHS is our most important concern. We have worked to implement staggered arrival, passing and departure times to minimize students in the hallways. We have also added an additional lunch period as well as allowing any junior or senior to leave the building for lunch.

  • Each week, teachers will post information about the courses on their landing page. This page is updated for both parents and students by 8:00 AM on Monday if there is school that day. If there isn’t school, then it will be ready by 8:00 AM on Tuesday. Teachers will be using a common template to help parents and students find the important information.

  • Students should be interacting with their teachers whether they are in school in-person or working remotely from home.

  • Teachers will take attendance each day, checking in with all students in each class, whether in person or remote. If the student is not online during class time they will be marked absent.

  • During distance learning, teachers may use familiar supplemental resources that students have used previously in their classrooms. Teachers will communicate with the students regarding the login information for the needed resources.


  • It is important that your child attends school. It is required by the State of Minnesota that schools keep accurate attendance records. Attendance will be checked by each of the students four teachers each day. Students need to be logged in or in person to be marked present. If your child is sick and unable to attend remotely, please contact the high school office attendance line (218.847.4491 ext 2152 or just press the * key).

Important information for planning

Current Learning Model Calendar

DLHS Calendar for Distance Learning Mode

Current Learning Model Schedule

2020-21 In-Person DLHS Bell Schedule (2020)

If you have any chromebook needs, please contact either of the media specialists at the high school: Jenn Fode (jfode@detlakes.k12.mn.us)

If students are having technical difficulties with the distance learning, please contact our district's Helpdesk:

Email: helpdesk@detlakes.k12.mn.us or Phone: 218-844-1119.