High School

High School phone number is 218-847-4491

Principal: Darren Wolf - contact information 847-4491 ext 2164 dwolf@detlakes.k12.mn.us

Please click on the name of the teacher below to find the distance learning lessons.

Beginning on March 30th, Detroit Lakes High School will be providing distance learning using this site as a launch page. High School Staff are using a variety of platforms to share information with students which include Google Documents, Google Classroom, and Schoology. Each teacher will create their own landing page which is connected to this site. Detroit Lakes High has been a one-to-one building for the past four years, meaning that each student had a chromebook checked out to them. Students were directed to take their devices home when we had our last day of school. Students that were absent have been able to access the building to get their materials. Students still needing to access their materials should make an appointment to come and get their chromebooks and learning materials.

  • Each instructional day, teachers will post activities on their landing page. This page is updated for both parents and students by 9:00 AM each day. These activities will include instructional videos, assignments, and assessments to monitor students’ progress.

  • The high school schedule will be based on our block schedule of periods 1, 3, 5, 7 and periods 2, 4, 6, 8 for the other day. Monday March 30 will be an 8 period day in which each teacher will connect with each student to make sure they have access. Here is a link to the updated calendar LINK

  • Students should be interacting with their odd or even teachers each day.

  • There will be some short check-in type of activity that will be used for taking attendance and also learning activities that would require students to interact with some curriculum and responding appropriately to the teacher regarding it.

  • During distance learning, teachers may use familiar supplemental resources that students have used previously in their classrooms. Teachers will communicate with the students regarding the login information for the needed resources.


  • It is important to the State of Minnesota that schools keep accurate attendance records. Attendance will be measured by daily check-in with the four even or odd teachers for the day. If your child is sick and unable to complete their assigned work, please contact the high school office attendance line (218.847.4491 ext 2599).

Instruction when the teacher is unavailable

  • There will be cases when teachers are unable to teach on a given day, and instruction will need to be provided by another teacher.

  • The instructional plan will continue to be in place even when the teacher assigned to the student is unavailable.

  • If there is no replacement teacher available on a given day, parents will be notified of that situation and the options for continuing instruction.

If you have any chromebook needs, please contact either of the media specialists at the high school: Jenn Fode (jfode@detlakes.k12.mn.us) or Sandy Berg (sberg@detlakes.k12.mn.us).

If students are having technical difficulties with the distance learning, please contact our district's Helpdesk:

Email: helpdesk@detlakes.k12.mn.us or Phone: 218-844-1119.