What is it?

Flipgrid is a collaborative video platform that allows students to record short videos of themselves explaining a concept or giving their opinion about a subject. Students are able to watch videos posted of their classmates in order to build understanding, ask questions or give feedback.

What can you do with it?

  • Promote student voice.
  • Students to respond to ideas, sharing thinking about concepts, ideas, reading, math tasks, etc.
  • Individual topic options allow teachers to have students submit videos that other students can view and respond to, or can be set so that the videos are only viewable by the teacher.
  • Students are able to review their video before posting it to make sure their ideas are complete and clear.
  • QR codes make it simple for students to access Flipgrid without the need for a username or password.
  • Have students create book talks
  • Share different solutions to a divergent math problem
  • Students reflect on their learning and explain their thinking
  • Students can record themselves reading fluently
  • Make a public code, and have parents or ‘outside experts/agencies’ send videos/information