Conference on Research in Mathematics Education in Ireland

Conference on Research in Mathematics Education in Ireland (MEI)

The Conference on Research in Mathematics Education in Ireland (MEI) is a biennial conference, first hosted by St Patrick's College, Drumcondra and now by Dublin City University (DCU) in Ireland's first Institute of Education at DCU St Patrick's Campus. Beginning in 2005, MEI has a proud tradition of creating a stage for sharing ideas and best practices in the field of mathematics teaching, and exchanging findings of current research in mathematics education. 

The conference continues to build on the knowledge and collegial networks established at previous MEI conferences and also allow for a renewal of friendships and the establishment of contacts within the mathematics education community, while also providing a forum for:

The next conference of the Mathematics Education in Ireland conference series (MEI 9) will take place on October 13th and 14th 2023 (start of Maths Week Ireland 2023) and will be hosted by the Institute of Education, Dublin City University on St Patrick's Campus. 

MEI 9 Conference Programme

MEI 9 Conference Programme.pdf

MEI 9 Conference Theme: Conceptualising Success in Mathematics Education

The discourse relating to success in mathematics education is populated with reference to student achievement and proficiency on standardised examinations – a distinguishing, tangible measurement taken to represent the success, or by association, failure, of a child, student, or adult, in their studies of mathematics. Guetiérrez (2013), however, contends that taken-for-granted ways of operating that privilege some individuals and exclude others should be uncovered and challenged to not just better understand, but to transform mathematics education. Therefore, MEI 9 serves to provide a space to investigate what – and who – constitutes success in mathematics education, and how this is achieved.

Goals and interpretations are related; goals affect interpretations and new interpretations result in new goals (Nicholls et al., 1990). The impact of this is two-fold; on the one hand, learners in mathematics may evaluate themselves and co-ordinate their actions and behaviours to fit with the prevailing discourse on what success is in mathematics; while on the other, learners and practitioners alike have the capacity to alter prevailing discourses and re-inscribe them with new meanings (Guetiérrez, 2013). Thus, MEI 9 affords the opportunity for those working in the field of mathematics education to challenge existing conceptions and perceptions of success, and initiate new meanings, collaboratively developed, fitting with the needs of the informed, equitable, and socially-just citizen of the 21st century.

Gutiérrez, R. (2013). The Sociopolitical Turn in Mathematics Education. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 44(1), 37-68.

Nicholls, J. G., Cobb, P., Wood, T., Yackel, E., & Patashnick, M. (1990). Assessing Students' Theories of Success in Mathematics: Individual and Classroom Differences. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 21(2), 109.

Conference Registration Fees

Registration fees are €150, with a reduced rate of €80 for students, retired colleagues and delegates who are not currently employed. Fees can be paid through the ConfTool conference registration system. It is possible to submit a paper for review in advance of paying the registration fee. The deadline for full registration and payment of fees for presenting authors will be in July 2023. Registration for all participants will close in October 2023.