Joining a Club or starting your own Club is a great way to get involved, make new friends, and explore new ideas!  Check out the list of Clubs at Rock Canyon High School.

All Clubs must complete a Club Charter each school year.  If you don't see your Club listed here, we have yet to receive a Charter.   See the Forms/Resources tab for more information.

Let's see what the RC Clubs are up to.  Send your photos to

Artists of Rock Canyon

To bring growing artists with RCHS together to share their love for art, to learn from each other and display their art and passion.

Faculty Sponsor: Kennetha Miller

Student Leader: Kaley Kingman

Meeting:  Monthly, on Tuesdays, at 10:00am, room 7400.  

Badminton Club

To learn the fundamentals of badminton, practice skills, and have fun.

Facutly Sponsor: Tonia Miller

Student Leader: Saiteja Kari

Meeting: Every other Friday after School 3:00-3:45pm, 8000 pod.  

Bake My Day

This club is for students with an interest in baking and a passion for fundraising. Proceeds will be donated to various non-profits.

Facutly Sponsor: Alison Carter

Student Leaders: Shreya Behera and Aimee Barton

Meeting:  Monthly, during Access, room 3700.  

Be the Light

As a community of like-minded believers, we strive to grow in our faith and spread the love of God to those around us through studying the Bible, worshipping, and serving together.  We have Bible study, guest speakers, games and treats.

Faculty Supervisor: Deborah Seaquist

Student Leader: Avery Monroe

Meeting: Weekly on Tuesdays, 7:00am, room 9700. 

Beyblade Club

An opportunity for Beyblade fans to enjoy the game at school.

Faculty Sponsor: Desi Rozen

Student Leader: Logan Shipman

Meeting: Weekly on Thursdays, during Access, room 2100.  

Campus Life

To develop community with RC Students that might not already know each other by fostering a fun salfe place where student can come and be themselves.  We love Jesus and creating an atmosphere wehre students can get to know him!  Stop by for a good time!

Faculty Supervisor:  Tony Koy

Campus Life Leader: Josef Lovin

Meeting:  Wednesdays 7:00am, room 9850

Casino Club

Join the Casino Club to have fun while making new friends.  We will play classic casino games without the exchange of money or anything considered monetary.

Faculty Sponsor:  Katerina Casas

Student Leader: Bobby Parker

Meeting:  Bimonthly on Mondays, 3:00-4:00pm in the library.  

Ceramics Club

To allow students the options to work with clay outside of classes.  We will be making mugs either as a fundraiser or to donate to a local organization.

Faculty Sponsor: Ellen Renard

Student Leaders: Maci Nolte and Bella Smoldt

Meeting: During Access room 7100.

Chess Club

Faculty SponsorDesi Rozen

Student Leader: 

Meeting:  Wednesdays after school in the Library

Colorado History

To teach Colorado history and to go on engaging trips top learn that history.

Faculty Sponsor: Larissa Fillingham

Student Leaders: Aaron Martinez and Brayden Klickna

Meeting: During Access, room 5000B.  

Create Club

A way for artists to share their art and learn from others.

Faculty Sponsor: Colleen Lamb

Student Leader: Alexandra Jacot

Meeting: Bimonthly, Tuesdays, 3:00-3:30pm, room 3400.  

Cricket Club

Sports development, social engagement and character building.  To practice and sometimes have matches with other teams.

Faculty Sponsor: Mary Burnham

Student Leaders: Krishiv Singh

Meeting: Currently on hold.  Looking to start up again in the Spring

Crypto and NFT Club

A fun informative Club to help teach and introduce students to the new world of crypto currency.

Faculty Sponsor: Chris Cassic and John Talarico

Student Leader: Akhilesh Devmadhavan and Aarav Ganesh

Meeting: Monthly on Tuesdays, during Access, room 4000.  

Current Events Club

Meeting to help RCHS students become more aware world citizens. 

Faculty Sponsor: Tim Marshall

Student Leader: Katelyn Calfee

Meeting: Bimonthly on Tuesdays, during Access, room 5500.  

CyberSecurity Club

Educate members in offensive and defensive cybersecurity skills and provide students the opportunity to participate in the AFA's National CyberPatriot Competition.

Faculty Sponsor: Chris Cassic

Student Leader: Philip Dobranowski

Meeting:  Monthy during Access, room 4000.  

Dare to Share Your Hair

To organize hair donations for children with hair loss.  To also provide ways to raise money for other organizations and the Rock Canyon Wish Kid.

Faculty Sponsor: Amy Hommel

Student Leader: Eliannah Nguyen

Meeting:  See the Wish Week calendar of events for more information

(Photo:  the Rock online, Kira Zizzo & Emily Wilson)

Drama Club

To provide a forum for information about theatre opportunities, auditions, etc. as well as a vehicle for social events, student leadership and the tracking of involvement towards lettering. Elected board of officers organize events and fundraisers.

Faculty Sponsor: Cindy Baker

Meeting: Meeting days vary, room 625, 3:00pm

Duel Club

To introduce people to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is a collectible card game developed and published by Konami. It is based on the fictional game of Duel Monsters.

Faculty Sponsor: Desi Rozen

Student Leader: Kai McElderry

Meeting: Weekly on Thursdays, during Access, room 2100

Dungeons and Dragons

To host a space for players and Dungeons Masters - new and advanced. To play D&D together.

Faculty Sponsor:  Colleen Lamb

Student Leader: Alexandra Larson

Meeting: Thursdays after school, 3:00-5:00pm, room 3400

ECO Club

Educating students more about the environment and improving our campus.

Faculty Sponsor: Jenny Wills

Student Leaders: Eric Sprengel, Noah Beirne, Abhiraj Ratnaker and Olivia Brewer

Meeting: Wednesdays after school, 3:00-3:45pm, room 3200.

Game Development Club

To learn how to create and make a game for the Game Development World Championship as well as have fun and make new friends.

Faculty Sponsor: Desiree Rozen

Student Leader: Jack McCormick

Meeting: During Access on Thursdays, room 2100.  

Girls' Persist

An inclusive program for teenage girls to find a safe and healthy community in which they can improve public speaking skills, teamwork, collaboration STEM based problem solving, professionalism and more. The program uses the proprietary Learn-it, Lead-it, and Perform-it framework to support self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and decision-making while influencing overall STEM persistence.

Program Facilitator: Dr. Carletta Stewart, Founder & CEO, Lady Trailblazer, Inc.

Faculty Sponsor:  Jaymie Irwin

Student Leaders: Mishika Bhatia, Sarah Callahan and Asmi Patil

Meeting: Bi-weekly, Tuesdays during Access, Collaboration Center in the LMC. 

Girls' Persist 23/24 My School Bucks Link 

Girls Rugby

This Club is run through Ranch Rugby and coached by Gareth Jones.  Through the medium of rugby students learn teamwork, responsibility, respect and resilience in a positive player focused environment. Rugby also creates college opportunities both in the US and abroad.  This team has won multiple championships by focusing on player  development. The winning takes care of itself!

Faculty Sponsor: Susie Petri

Coach: Gareth Jones

Student Leader: Sydney Ellen

Meeting:  First meeting 2/27/24, 5:00pm.  Contact Sydney Ellen for location information

Girls Who Code

This club is meant to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like by introducing

Faculty Sponsor: Chris Cassic

Student Leaders: Arshia Koul and Nannapat Intongkam

Meeting: Currently not active.  Hopefully will start up again 2024-2025 school year.

Grill Club

To bring Jags together over good food.  We use the available grills to cook and sell burgers and dogs.  

Faculty Sponsor: Jack Van Natta

Meetings/Grilling:  Depending on the events going on at Rock Canyon.


Creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, creative space for queer students and allies.

Faculty Supervisor: Skylar Vernell

Student Leader: Lily Mulstay and Liliene Anderson

Meeting: During Access, room 3000A, beginning in September.  Meetings are mainly social based. 

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an organization where we help people that don't have homes.  We help build houses, paint, and sell materials.

Faculty Sponsor:  Jim McClurg

Student Leaders: Nadhi Naval and Prish Gupta

Meeting: Access, contact Mr. McClurg for more information

Happy Crew

The purpose of the club is to raise mental health awareness and prevent suicide.  We provide skills to students to help better themselves.  This is very inclusive and a safe space for everyone.  We also give community service hours.

Non-faculty Sponsor: Amy Mays

Student Leader: Sophie Tobin

Meeting:  Off site at Sponsor's home: 6668 Lynx Cove. Weekly on Mondays, 7:00-8:00pm.  Contact Sophie for more information and directions.

Improv Club

To provide regular opportunities for students to refine skills in improvisation.  Improv nights are usually scheduled once a quarter.

Faculty Sponsor:  Cindy Baker

Meeting: Weekly meetings on Tuesdays, during Access, room 625.  

Interact Club

To promote "service above self" and to participate in community service with both local and global focus.

Faculty Sponsor: Mindy Moss

Student Leader:

Meeting: Bi-weekly, 7:00am, room 9100. 

Jags Go Pink!

To build/re-build a community within Rock Canyon that raises breast cancer awareness.  We want to host fun activities and fundraisers such as a 5K.

Faculty Sponsor: Colleen Lamb

Student Leaders: Claire Weiffenbach and Amelia Solano

Meeting: Monthly, Tuesdays, during Access.  

Jewish Student Connection

To create a safe environment for Jewish students to connect.

Faculty Supervisor: Stephanie Powell

Student Leader: DJ Pines

Meeting: Tuesdays, before school, 7:00-7:30am, room 8800

Key Club

High School students perform acts of service in our community through blood drives, Light the Night (LLS), Run at the Rocks (ALA), Sweet Dreams in a Bag (homelessness) and more!

Faculty Sponsor: Christina Geis

Student Leaders: TBD

Meeting: Monthly, before school 7:00am.  Contact Ms. Geis for information

Learning Link

The purpose of Learning Link is to tutor elementary students in both math and english and to give Rock Canyon student the opportunity to give back to their community by helping others.

Faculty Sponsor: Anna Tesdahl

Student Leaders: Sophia Mahen and Emerson Yu

Meeting: Mondays and Wednesdays, room 8100, 3:30-4:30pm.  

Letters for Rose

To write letters to the elderly to ease their loneliness.  

Faculty Sponsor: Cydney Tinsley

Student Leader: Abbey Walsh

Meeting:  First and third Tuesday of the month, during Access, room 5100. Students must stay the whole Access hour to earn community service credit.

Math Club

Math Club gathers students interested in math and provides them with a fun way to study for and take math competitions.

Faculty Sponsor: Karen Bukowski

Student Leaders: 

Meeting: Weekly on Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30pm, room 9500.  

Medicine Club

To learn about medical concepts such as school pathways, cardiovascular health, suturing and more.

Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Seaquist

Student Leader: Isha Parikh

Meeting: Monthly, room 2300.  Contact Mr. Seaquist for more information

Mile High Backpack Drive 

We collect used backpacks from students to donate to kids in the Philippines. 

Faculty Sponsor: Andrew Watkins

Student Leader: Kirsten Buhay

A donation box is located outside the library.

To introduce and get students involved in data analytics and machine learning. To explore this career path while being challenged with fun activities and gaining leadership opportunities.

Faculty Sponsor: Chris Cassic

Student Leaders: Arshia Koul and Nannapat Intongkam

Meeting: Bimonthly during Access, room 4000.  

Mock Trial

To instruct students in legal and courtroom procedures; to educate those interested in pursuing a legal career; as well as to establish speaking skills, confidence and management skills through competitions.

Faculty Sponsor: Aaron Paul

Student Leaders: Andrew Kim and Olivia Brewer

Meeting: Twice weekly meetings, room 4127.  Contact student leaders for more information

Model United Nations

To create a simulation of the United Nations and encourage/give awareness to members about interdisciplinary activities and international issues and topics.

Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Greenleaf

Student Leaders: Jonathan Duong and Mishika Bhatia

Meeting: Bimonthly, Wednesdays, 3:00-4:00pm, room 3300.  

Mountain Bike Club

To allow students of all mountain bike skill levels to experience the sport.  Entry level to experiences riders - all are welcome!

Faculty Sponsor:  Mike Sullivan

Contact: Highlands Ranch Junior Cycling at for information about the team, registration and fees.

Practice:  Meet at the Mountain Vista High School parking lot Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, 4:30-6:30pm.  Summer/Fall season is currently complete.  Contact for for information

Lettering Requirements - subject to change, confirm with HRJC 

National Robotics League

National Robotics League is designed to get high school students interested in manufacturing by teaching them how to build and program robots.

Faculty Sponsor: Chris Cassic

Student Leader: Sarah Callahan

Meeting:  This club is currently on hold as we work out the logistics and funding issues.  Contact Mr. Cassic if interested.

Operation Smile revolutionized cleft surgery globally in 1982. With four decades of experience as one of the largest surgical volunteer-based nonprofits, Operation Smile staff, its private-public partnerships and thousands of volunteers have improved the health and dignity of patients with cleft conditions, helping them to better breathe, eat, speak and live lives of greater quality and confidence.

The Rock Canyon Operation Smile club will work as a team to raise funds for this cause.

Faculty Sponsor:  Susanne Petri

Student Leaders: Zoya Raizada and Puja Kotapati 

Meeting: Monthly meetings, during Access, room 5200


To teach students about this new sport, play, compete and have fun!

Faculty Sponsor: Tony Koy

Student Leaders: Quinn Cavey and Lance Christensen

Meeting:  Mondays, 3:30-5:00pm, Coyote Ridge Park

Ping Pong Club

To give students an opportunity to participate in a fun game, build relationships and sharpen their minds. 

Faculty Sponsor:  Aaron Carpenter

Student Leader: David Brabb

Meeting:  Access, in the Wrestling Room

Pokémon Club

To gather students who love and are interested in the Pokémon franchise.

Faculty Sponsor: Amy Kaylor Hogsett

Meeting: During Access on Tuesdays, room 2100.  

Red Cross Club

To educate students about the Red Cross and urge tem to take the initiative within their communities and nations.  Present volunteer opportunities with the Red Cross to students to give them experience for humanitarian, health and public government jobs/programs.

Faculty Sponsor: Susanne Petri

Student Leaders: Nandini Murali and Hansika Lakkireddy 

Meeting: Monthly on Mondays, 3:00-3:30pm, room 5200

Rock Canyon Automotive Club

To bring together the car enthusiasts of RC and inspire a love for cars in others.

Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Nichols

Student Leader: Maxwell Walker

Meeting:  Monthly during Access or after school.  

Rock Canyon Aviation Club

To allow fans of aviation to share their interest in the field of aviation, meteorology and aerodynamics.

Faculty Sponsor: Jack Van Natta

Student Leader: Evan Beuther

Meeting: Weekly meetings (day TBD), 3:00pm, room 8200

Rock Canyon Climbing Club

To climb!  We climb, compete, and build community.  We support one another to become better climbers. Student may climb competitively or socially.  Competitions will be with the American Scholastic Climbing League.

Faculty SponsorTianna Pytte

Student Leader: Kayden Ozdemir

Meeting: For climb times contact Ms. Pytte.

Lettering Criteria: Climbers must compete and earn enough points to qualify to score in three ASCL competitions in order to letter in the Rock Climbing Club.

Rock Canyon Children's Hospital Chapter

Students of Rock Canyon will come together to raise funds, provide services and resources, and make a difference in patient lives through different projects.

Faculty Sponsor:  Susie Petri

Student Leader: Aashi Gupta

Meeting:  Bimonthly, Mondays after school, room 5200


To learn coding and volunteer at the Rock Heights Middle School to teach kids to code.

Faculty Sponsor:  Rebecca Uchyn and Chris Cassic

Student Leaders: Neelima Killi and Reyaa Divakar

Meeting: Bimonthly meetings, during Access, room 9450

Science Bowl

To prepare to compete at the State Science Bowl competition in March 2024.  Students are in charge of preparing practice questions for the meetings and create teams.

Faculty Sponsor: Kerry Reilly

Student Leader: Annie Gao

Meeting: Weekly on Wednesdays before school at 7:00am, room 4101.  

Science Olympiad

To prepare teams of students for the Regional and State Competitions.

Faculty Sponsor: Kerry Reilly and Jeff Nichols

Student Leader: Marabelle Cecil

Meeting: Weekly on Tuesdays after school at 3:00pm, room 4101 and 4102.

Society of Women Engineers

For students interested in Engineering.  Activities and presentations focusing on different types of engineering.

Faculty Sponsor: Anna Tesdahl

Student Leaders: Marley Johnston and Alexandra Jacot

Meeting: Bi-monthly on Thursdays, during Access. 

South Asian Students Association (SASA)

To celebrate the South Asian culture.

Faculty Sponsor:  Karen Bukowski

Student Leader: 

Meeting:  Monthly on Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00pm, room 9500.  

Students Demand Action

To prevent gun violence in schools, advocate for better laws, to provide a safe place for people effected by guns.

Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Romito

Student Leader: Uma Kotwal and Rohan Kotwal

Meeting: Monthly, during Access, room 3550

Surgical Access Club

To observe surgery in Neurosurgery, general and ortho, all in a hospital or Operating Room.

Faculty Sponsor:  Desi Rozen

Non-faculty Coordinator: Autumn Kimball

Student Leaders: Severin Kimball and Guy Kimball

Meeting: Contact Ms. Kimball for more information.

Swiftie Club

To bond with other students over Taylor Swift and to create a fun environment.

Faculty Sponsor:  Devan Daugette

Student Leaders: Anoushka Nipunge, Halle Harker, Janah Elsell

Meeting: Room 3000B


To help children in different parts of the world.

Faculty Sponsor: Rebecca Uchyn

Student Leader: Kate Shupe

Meeting: Wednesday, after school at 3:00pm, twice a month

Wildlife Club

For people who love wildlife, to make friends while helping animals and nature.

Faculty Sponsor:  Nikki Dobos

Student Leader: Alexandra Powers

Meeting: Every other week, Tuesdays, during Access, room 2500

Women's Empowerment

The purpose of Women's Empowerment Club is to provide a safe, inclusive and creative space in which women (and other students) are empowered and discussed.

Faculty Sponsor: Julia Dale

Student Leaders: Lily Mulstay and Tvisha Hariharan

Meeting: During Access, room 100