Service as Action

What is Service as Action (SA)?

Service as Action is a mandatory part of the IB Middle Year Program (MYP). It is aimed at students in grade 6 to 10 who will engage in a variety of school-planned and student-planned experiences throughout the year. These experiences can take place in and out of school. Students Service experiences will be recorded on their worksheet on ManageBac. 

Student's experience worksheet on ManageBac

What students need to do?

Students need to plan and perform experiences that…


How to use ManageBac?

Students are expected to use ManageBac to

Example of a ManageBac worksheet

How many experiences must students do?

Grades 6, 7 and 8

Grades 9 and 10

Copy of Presentation Slides for MYP Service as Action Quick Book

What doesn't count as Service as Action?

What is the flag system?

It's a system used to show student progress on ManageBac

What happens in grade 10?

In grade 10, students are expected to present their Service as action in classroom or with their homeroom teacher. This exit presentation concludes the SA program.

Click here for the Service as Action Handbook