Welcome to the Chrome Depot!

We are open Periods 2-6 and during Tutorial ~ Located in the back of the LRC

We Specialize in

Makerspace Activities


3D Printing


Media Production

Audio Visual Recordings

Video Editing - WeVideo

Green Screen

Patrick Wirball

Public Relations Manager

3rd Hour

Joey Alderson

Student Advisory Committee Rep

Tutorial / Appointments

Tori Spejcher

Tech Manager

6th Hour

Adriana Henrickson

Tech ManagerStudent Advisory Committee Rep

5A Hour

Brandon Moffitt

2nd Hour

Tyler Strohl

3rd Hour

Danny Surges

4th Hour

Ammar Ladhani

4th Hour

Kieran Wallace

4th Hour

Anjali Viswan

6th hour

Wojtek Stapoc

6th Hour

Riley Wallace

6th hour