District 25 Leadership Team

MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 2019 from 8:30 am to 11:30 am at TOWNSEND HARRIS HIGH SCHOOL.

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District Leadership Teams review Comprehensive Educational Plans (CEPs) for schools in their districts and develop district-wide plans. They also provide guidance and assistance to School Leadership Teams.

District Leadership Team representatives are chosen by their respective leadership groups. The presidents of the Borough High School Federation and the District Presidents’ Council are automatically members of their DLT.

Contact the District Leadership Team for District 25:

District 25 Leadership Team for 2018-2019

Danielle DiMango, Superintendent and DLT Chairperson

Michael Dantona, Deputy Superintendent

Janine Werner, Principal of World Journalism Preparatory School [Representative for Superintendent Elaine Lindsay]

Laura Koutsavlis, District 25 President’s Council Representative

Charlene Dawson, Title I Parent

Joseph Di Benedetto, Community Education Council D25 and Parent

James Vasquez, UFT Union Representative for Queens Highs Schools

Andre Bullock, Union Representative District Council 37

Joe Kessler, UFT Union Representative for D25

Mary McDonnell, CSA Union Representative

Support Staff

Janet Ayala-Capo, Administrative Assistant D25

Jinmei Yin, Family Support Coordinator D25