Covina High School Tech Squad

What is GenYes?

GenYes students are the tech 'Padawans' that learn various technology concepts and tools and use their skills to help the campus community.

Students provide technical support and training to the campus in GSuite, iOS, and computer setup, troubleshooting, and networking.

Gen Yes Spring 2017 Calendar

What makes a tech?

Student Groups

The key to making a big group of GenYes work is by using student groups. Students are broken into groups of 4-6 students with a student leader. The leader is usually (though not always) a student from GenYes in the previous year. The student leader guides students as groups progress through projects together and leads students when they go out and assist teachers. This also includes filling out and making sure TAPs are completed by all in the group.

How groups work

Collaboration and group innovation is key here. The teacher takes a facilitator role and has the student leader guide their group in task completion and TAP writing. Writing the TAPs is a big task for the group leader but their role is to make sure that all group members contribute to a work order and write their portion.