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Post-Secondary Planning RESOURCES

DGN Students and Families:

This website is a compilation of resources to help students create a post-secondary plan. Counselors will meet with students in groups each school year to provide resources that will support students' exploration and research.

The DGN Counseling and Student Support Services Department is looking forward to partnering with you as you explore future options. If you have questions about these resources or need more information, please reach out to your student's counselor.


August 30th - September 3, 2021

Post-Secondary Planning Survey: click here to complete it


Students will carry out the post-high school plans they have been working on this year.

  • Complete the Post-Secondary Planning Form

  • Engage with the College & Career Planning website

  • Add a college to Naviance Student

  • Learn how to request a transcript for a college application

Junior Discover you #1

Week of November 15, 2021

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  • Students will explore multiple post-high school plans as they relate to academic, personal and financial needs.

  • Students will learn what tools and resources are available to help them develop their post-secondary plan.

Careers & Majors COD to 4-Year College

Pursuing Technical & Professional Careers Researching Colleges

Military Options NCAA Considerations

junior discover you #2

(March 2022)