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We applaud your courage Mikayla and thank you very much for your testimony and willingness to sit down with us!

Student Shares,

Inspires Others to be Kind

Cran News Staff | 10/17/18

“Be kind.” The answer given when interviewer Jenna Seigworth, a junior at Cranberry High School, asked senior student, Mikayla Walker what advice she would give to others encountering cancer in some way.

The interview was conducted to add to the significance of the cancer awareness volleyball game last night played against Keystone.

FALL-O-WEEN Family Wellness Event & Hike

Chronicles News Staff | 10/10/18

Cranberry’s Health and Physical Education class is stepping up its game. On October 24th from 6:30pm to 8pm at Cranberry High School, family and friends of all ages are welcome to attend this free Halloween event.

Rocket Launching

By: AJ Howard | 10/18/18

On Tuesday October 9, Mr. O'Brien's eighth grade tech class launched rockets safely behind the school campus. The students built and customized their own rockets for several weeks, and finally experienced how far the rockets could soar. Students were elated and screaming with joy when a rocket, especially their own, would shoot up in the sky and disappear among the clouds only to fall back... Read more

Raising awareness of cancer affecting our community

Cran News Staff | 10/17/18

A volleyball game meant to just bring awareness to cancer elicited more than just information about cancer for fans. Last night, tears were shed and hugs delivered as the Kahle family was supported in mass by their community... read more

Inflating a Real Lung in A & P

Cran News Staff | 10/15/18

Photography by Lauren Rembold

On October 9th, students had a real life lesson in Respiratory Care with Mr. Greg Sambor, BS, RRT (Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care, Venango College of Clarion University). Mrs. Oliver invited Mr. Sambor into her Intro to Anatomy and Physiology class. He brought a real lung and used oxygen to inflate it. He talked with students about earning a 3 year degree in this dynamic field.

Berry Botics Inc.

By Sara Uddin | 10/11/2018

You may be asking yourselves, ¨What is Berry Botics Inc.?¨. Berry Robotics Inc. is the robotics team based out of Cranberry Area Jr. Sr. High School. The team is split into two sections, the marketing team and the build team. The team, however, includes a total of approximately twenty students ranging from the junior high level to the senior high level...Read More

Welcome to the Cranberry Chronicles! This year, we, Journalism have so much planned! Our school is full of great talent, spirit, and voices. Our job is to show and broadcast as many of these voices as possible...