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By Crannews Staff | Photography by Gayle Mitchell | 4/8/2019

Students in the gifted program at Cranberry High School competed today in the Current Events challenge.

The IU6 hosted the event which included schools in both Clarion and Venango counties.

Students in the 7th-8th grade division earned first place and included Jonah Dean, Connor Miller, Alaina Olson, and Alexis Dehner.

Winning third place in the 11th-12th grade division included students Dylan Lu, Trevor Olson, Maria Anderson, and Hannah Niederritier. Of note, all Cranberry students competing in this division were in grades 9 or 10, so they were playing up.

Recognizing Academic Success

Andrea Watson | 3/28/19

On Thursday, March 28th, seventeen students from Cranberry High School were inducted into National Honor Society.

Achieving acceptance into National Honor Society is an outstanding achievement that reflects academic capabilities and overall excellent character. National Honor Society was established .....read more

Eggs can’t fly...or can they?

Written By Dylan Salsgiver | 4/2/2019

Teacher, Zack Bedee, takes his Academic Physics students to test their designs they’ve constructed to prevent an egg from cracking.

Students in Academic Physics, taught by Zack Bedee, began learning a new unit dealing with momentum, impulse, and collisions involving objects.

Students have been studying the impulse-momentum theorem. The impulse-momentum theorem is used to describe... read more

Duck, duck....sorry, no goose

CranNews Staff | 3/27/2019

Photography by Darian Senn

Cranberry Elementary School has a live cam set up for students to watch duck eggs hatch! This is a school-wide event and teachers have the option of talking about it in their classes. Eggs started incubation on March 4th and they are expected to hatch April 1st. Sources say that they are expecting at least 30 eggs to make it. Once the ducklings hatch, staff members will be taking them home. Click here to view LIVE CAM

Insight on Regional Choir

Written By Andrea Watson | 3/21/19

A student from Cranberry High School is off to perform at regional choir.

Michael Gunn, a junior from Cranberry, is the only student from Cranberry who has achieved a spot in regional choir and will be in attendance. Michael is a tenor one in the senior high choir but has a wide vocal range, spanning from tenor to alto one, and will be singing as a tenor 2 at regionals.

Michael cannont remember... read more.

Cranberry Students Creating Lifelike Special Effects

Written by Amber Holt | 3/20/19 Photography by AJ Howard and Lindsay Perry

On the morning of Thursday, March 14, Cranberry seniors Tyler Cosmiske and Danielle Peterson held a special effects workshop for any CHS students who were interested.

The many participants were instructed on how to make amazingly lifelike wounds out of just vaseline, flour, and red dye. read more

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