To the Cranberry Chronicles

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Passion Presentations Bring Seniors Closer Together

Written by Alyssa Wright | 10/22/21

Outside of school, students devote a substantial portion of their lives to the hobbies, research, and people they value most, and recently, seniors at Cranberry High School had the opportunity to present their passions in Mrs. Motter’s English class.

These presentations have been an honored tradition and graduation requirement for many years, and students have enjoyed both discussing their own interests as well as delving into the passions of their... read more

Berry Botics Meets Manufacturing at Matric

Written by Hannah Niederriter| 10/13/21

With the competition date for BEST Robotics rapidly approaching, local community members associated with the theme of challenge can be some of the most beneficial information sources Berry Botics can turn toward for inspiration and guidance. On Monday, October 11, members of Cranberry’s BEST Robotics team were welcomed by... read more

Olson Achieves Semifinalist Status

Written by Hannah Niederriter | 10/5/21

Cranberry Junior Senior High School is home to many talented, successful individuals, and recently, Trevor Olson qualified as a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship.

For those who aren’t aware of what this semifinalist status entails, College Board collects PSAT scores from across the nation and selects the top 50,000 scores. The number of students chosen from each state is determined by... read more

2021’s New Faces

Written by Amber Holt | 10/1/21

There are a handful of somewhat unfamiliar faces Cranberry students and staff can expect to see in the halls this year, so it’s time to get to know the new additions to the CHS family!

Ms. Wyant

During trips throughout the hallways, students might be greeted by Ms. Wyant, the newest member of the 7th grade level teaching staff! Ms. Wyant currently teaches 7th grade art classes, though she may be recognizable from prior years. Ms. Wyant substituted here at... read more

Prayer at the Pole: a Community Brought Together by Faith

Written and Photographed by Brooke Whitling | 9/26/21

On Wednesday, September 22, it rained throughout the morning. However, the steady drizzle did not keep the Cranberry community from gathering at the high school for the annual “Prayer at the Pole” event.

Wielding umbrellas and rain ponchos, community members congregated to sing praise music and pray during the event hosted by Cranberry High School’s Christian club, Ignite. Community members first arrived around 6:45 in the morning, and the call to worship... read more