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Students Taking Charge

Written by Brooke Whitling | 9/24/20

Every school year, Journalism and Publication’s students are elected to head departments.

This year, the Director of Photography is Ava Fischer, Merissa McCoy is the Executive Producer, Hannah Niederriter is the Editor in Chief, Director of Marketing/Design is... read more

A Brand New Normal For Cranberry High School

Written by Devin Zerbe | 9/22/20

If you’ve been inside of Cranberry High School since the school year began on September 1st, you may have noticed that there have been quite a few changes since the last time students roamed throughout the halls. Many schools in the area are fortunate enough to... read more

Cranberry’s Homestaying Spirit Week

Written by Brooke Whitling |9/21/20

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cranberry will not have a Homecoming dance. However, students can still experience other Homecoming traditions through the Homestaying week.

Organized by Journalism and Student Council, Homestaying will include the spirit aspects of homecoming as well as new student activities.

Homestaying Spirit Week will commence on... read more

Free at Last: USDA Relieves Families from Paying for Lunches

Written by Alexis Dehner and Audrey Frazier | 9/18/20

¨ I have started getting school lunch more,¨ stated Emily Murray, a freshman at Cranberry Jr./Sr. High School.

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the financial state of many families of students at Cranberry High School. This has led to the USDA waiving fees of student lunches.

The USDA was responsible for... read more

Unmasked Superheroes

Written by Adysson Carter | 9/18/20

The start of the 2020 school year was definitely a peculiar one for the students at Cranberry Area Junior/Senior High School. Due to COVID-19 everyone is required to wear a mask to school to avoid the spreading of the sickness.

Generous individuals decided to donate a total of 2,035... read more

Welcome to the Cranberry Chronicles! This year, we, Journalism have so much planned! Our school is full of great talent, spirit, and voices. Our job is to show and broadcast as many of these voices as possible...