To the Cranberry Chronicles

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A Humane Community Making a Difference

Written by Gillian White Photography by Raquel Knight and Jenna Biltz 


As a no-kill shelter, workers at the Humane Society never fail to make sure each animal is properly cared for. They rely on volunteers and currently need more helping hands. Read more

Jpub in the Right Direction

Written by Lorianne Eck Photography by Raquel Knight


Directors for the class have been announced. The class has five major areas and directors are appointed to spear-head those areas. Read more

An Apple a Day

Written by Casey Eakin Photography by Addi Karns and Lily Shook


Apple Crunch is a day for promoting health, run by CRANA, a student led wellness club . Students get to enjoy a free apple and a lap around the school. Read more

Energizing Opportunities 

Written and Photography by Brooke Whitling


On Wednesday, December 14, Cranberry School District and Bridge Builders Community Foundations, who oversees the district’s educational trust, received a donation of $25,000 from Cypress Creek Renewables, a solar energy company. Read more

3 Cheers for Cranberry Students

Written by Emily Wright Photography by Casey Eakin


Cranberry High School held an all school pep rally for its annual Fall Recognition of students Friday, October 28. Read more