Below is a list of some of the aircraft that I fly. I also instruct in most of these models as well.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance companies usually require "factory authorized training" in make and model before they will insure a pilot, or CFI, in pressurized, turboprop, and jet aircraft. (Non-pressurized piston aircraft usually do not require such training to meet insurance requirements and are therefore such training is not explicitly noted below.)

In the list below, pressurized, turboprop, and jet aircraft for which I have had factory authorized training, or for which I have otherwise been approved, are noted by (##).

I can usually provide training, mentoring, or SOE (Supervised Operating Experience) time that you may need to satisfy your insurance requirements.

ICAO Aircraft Type Designators (official references)

Piston Aircraft

Pressurized Piston

Turboprop Aircraft

Jet Aircraft