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Dr. Suzanne Horn

Meet SCATE's President

Dr. Suzanne Horn graduated from UNCG with degrees of Undergraduate Degree in English, Master’s Degree in Reading, and PhD. In Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently an Associate Professor of Education at Coastal Carolina University. Her teaching focus is literacy and English methods as well as curriculum and diversity. Her research is focused on the same areas.

Meet SCATE's President Elect


Meet Our Nominations and Elections
Committee Chairperson


Dr. Brennan Davis

Meet our 4 year Private Institution Representative

Dr. Davis joined Columbia College as an Assistant Professor of Education in 2018. After graduating with a BA in English from the College of Charleston and an MAT in English from the University of South Carolina, she taught high school English in Columbia, SC for 13 years. While teaching, Dr. Davis pursued a PhD in Language and Literacy at USC-Columbia, which she completed in 2017. Since joining Columbia College, Dr. Davis has taught literacy, writing, and English education courses, and she continues to pursue research in two primary areas: effective professional development tools and processes for addressing issues of diversity in schools, particularly with veteran teachers, and innovative support systems for pre-service and beginning teachers.

Listed below are the officers and committee chairs for the SCATE organization. If you are interested in serving in the organization please contact us southcarolinaate1@gmail.com.

SCATE Officers and Committee Chairs 2021-2022


President – Dr. Suzanne Horn, Coastal Carolina University

Past President – Dr. Jamia Richmond, Coastal Carolina University

President Elect – TBD

Treasurer – Dr. Judy Beck, USC Aiken

Secretary – Dr. Tamara Pack, Lander University

CO-Executive Directors – Dr. Susan Fernandez, Newberry College & Dr. Laura Kaufmann, USC Upstate

Executive board member- Dr. Stacy Burr, USC Upstate

2-year Institution Representative - needed

4-year Private Institution Representative – Dr. Brennan Davis, Columbia College

4-year Public Institution Representative – needed

Public School Representative – Dr. Lorraine Kibler, Mid-Carolina High School

Committee Chairs

Awards – Dr. Stacy Burr, USC Upstate

Legislative – needed

Membership - Dr. Laura Kaufmann, USC Upstate

Nominations and Elections – TBD

Program – Dr. Suzanne Horn, Coastal Carolina University

Publications – Dr. Christine LeBlanc, Columbia College, & Dr Tim Lintner & Dr. Judith Collazo, USC Aiken

Publicity – Dr. Laura Kaufmann, USC Upstate

Webmaster- Dr. Julie Jones, Converse University


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