CCHS Educational Trips & Exchanges

Student Trips 2023-24

Quebec & Montréal Winter Carnival 

Feb 1-4     2024

Ecuador Exchange

CCHS travel 

Feb 10-25  2024

Ludoteca students visit May 18-31 2024

New  Zealand Trip

Feb 17-Mar 2   2024

Taiwan Trip

April 11 - 20    2024

Denmark Exchange

Danish students visit from October 28th to November 4th 2023

 Concord students travel to Denmark from April 11th to April 18th 2024

CCHS believes that in our shared, interconnected world, all students benefit from learning experiences that foster critical 21st-century skills and a global mindset.  By exploring, and learning other cultures, we are preparing students to participate in, and contribute to, an increasingly globalized society. Educational travel, linguistic /cultural exchanges and volunteering in multicultural settings are some of the venues through which we can achieve these learning goals. Through immersive educational travel, students gain new ways of thinking and develop a greater appreciation for perspectives beyond the walls of CCHS.  

CCHS Leadership


COVID can still potentially impact travel should an individual test positive or become positive while abroad.  This can result in a sudden inability not to attend or to need to remain abroad for longer than planned.  All trips will include at least two adults so any student delaying return to the U.S. due to COVID is accompanied.  We will do everything possible to minimize financial loss if students are unable to travel or require extended lodging.   Given the unpredictable nature, however, there is a financial risk to all trips. 

Financial Aid

Financial subsidies are available through the Sharon Young Scholarship Fund.  If you are in need of financial assistance, please complete the form linked here:  Sharon Young Scholarship Fund.  All information is confidential aside from your faculty advisory and the small committee that awards the scholarship.

Donate today to the Sharon Young Travel Scholarship Fund. The Sharon Young Travel Scholarship Fund is a needs based scholarship fund to support student access to CCHS educational travel opportunities