Online safety

Technology can provide children with a window to the world, offering them lots of  opportunities to learn new things, have fun and stay in touch.  You might your child is spending more time online at home, playing games, scrolling through social media, or chatting to friends than you would like.  It is  vital that children know how to navigate the internet and social media safely and do not become "screen zombies."  For help and advice, visit the Essex Safeguarding Children's Board website or use some of the other links below.   AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE THERE IS ADVICE ON POPULAR GAMES.

Teach your child to recognise the CEOP logo, as we do in school.  Sit with them and click on it to show them what to do to report something which has made them feel uncomfortable. (This can be downloaded from or telephone: +44 (0)870 000 3344)  Other ways of reporting can be found at or by clicking on the link above.

Concerns about child exploitation can be reported to the Police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

NCAsextortion letter for parents.pdf

E-safety things to do together as a family from C.E.O.P.

Activity Sheet_Social Media.pdf
Activity Sheet_Watching videos online.pdf
Activity Sheet_Live streaming.pdf
Activity Sheet_Sharing images online.pdf
Activity Sheet_Gaming.pdf
Activity Sheet_Cyber security.pdf

Cyberbullying and what to do if it happens to your child!

What is cyberbullying?

There are always new concerns about children using  various Apps, games and internet media.  The 2 Johns, who many of you will know from our parent workshops, always share up to date advice for parents on: so check here regularly.

How to keep your child safe online:

Leaflets available in a range of other languages here 


Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children of all ages,  both on and offline.  Explore one of the six Thinkuknow websites for advice about staying safe on any device.  Just click on the appropriate age group below.

4-5s         5-7s        8-10s        11-13s        14+

Further resources for parents and carers








Videos stories, games and quizzes for 4-19 year olds aimed at keeping them safe online. online resources to keep children safe on the internet for children, parents and teachers key advice on reporting concerns and what parents need to know about the internet.  Get expert support and practical tips to help children benefit from connected technology and the internet safely and smartly. A range of resources from Europe and the UK for parents. Explains the latest games and APPs and advices parents on keeping their child safe online. The Breck Foundation.  A Self-funding Charity set up by the parent of an exploited child. Practical advice on setting up Parental Controls and all the latest APPs. Suggested Family ground rules when using the internet at home. Free online guide covering what parents needs to know about Spotify.

On the internet... (Childnet)

'On the internet' is a learning-to-read book for children aged 4 and above. The large, bright illustrations show all the different ways that the internet can be used for.           Find On the internet here:

Other Childnet books for younger children include:

Smartie the Penguin (3 to 7 year olds)

Digiduck's Big Decision (3 to 7 year olds) 

What Parents Need to Know about NGL

Child Exploitation - Spot-the-Signs-Poster.pdf

Exploitation - Spot the Signs 

10 top tips for using SmartWatches.pdf

10 top tips for using SmartWatches

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