History, Geography and Religious Education.

How we teach History and Geography

In geography pupils consider the importance of physical, natural and human features.   Factual recall of place and feature names begins with the United Kingdom for younger children and grows over time to include the wider world.   In History, events are taught in chronological order.  Pupils learn about significant people and events and their influence on society.  Children are encouraged to question how we know what life was like and consider the reliability of evidence.  History and Geography are often taught separately but can be linked as both are designed to have a “local” aspect as we recognise that many of our pupils are not aware of the significance of events and places in their immediate locality.  Many of our art/design contexts also have a geographical/cultural aspect.

Information about your child's learning in history and geography this term can be found in their "Supporting Learning Book" which should be kept in their book bag or on their class page on this website.


What we teach in History and Geography

making a volcano


Black History Month

At Collingwood Primary we learn and celebrate Black History all year round, but as October marks Black History Month, we had a particular school focus on this and joined in with the nation to enjoy and acknowledge the amazing things black people have achieved.

In school assemblies we found out about inspirational woman such as Betty Campbell, a pioneering headteacher and campaigner for Black History Month.  Did you know she was the first ever Black Headteacher in Wales?

Year One enjoyed looking at African art.  Designing and creating their own patterns and weavings.

Year Two made some amazing African tribal masks.

Year 3 had lots of fun practising and performing African dances.

Year 4 Learnt about America in the 1930's through their literacy and the book 'Tar Beach' by Faith Ringgold.

Year 5 Learnt about famous mathematicians and scientists such as Mary Jackson,  an American mathematician and aerospace engineer.

Year 6 Wrote some beautiful pieces of poetry based on the Wind Rush children.

What we teach in RE. 

SAT RE - Primary Curriculum Map.pdf

How we teach Religious Education (RE)

In Collingwood we bring fresh and innovative thinking to the study of religious education (RE). It is rooted in a vision for the subject which acknowledges the importance of religious and non-religious worldviews in all human life.

We believe that RE is an essential area of study if pupils are to be well prepared for life in a world where controversy over such matters is pervasive and where people lack the knowledge to make their own informed decisions. It is a subject for all pupils, whatever their own family background and personal beliefs and practices.

We follow Saffron academy trust scheme which is in line with new regulations for the academic year 23/24.