For Educators

Want to know how to use the highlights and notes feature in the Gale databases? Not sure when to quote, paraphrase, or summarize? Check out these simple videos for some tips!

Online Teaching Tools

Compiled Lists of Resources for Learning/Engagement:

VSLA's Compendium of Remote Learning Tools

Gathered by librarians in the Vermont School Libraries Association (VSLA) and arranged by subject.

Wide Open School

From Common Sense Media - features links to online tools and lesson plans/activities arranged by grade level and subject.

Antiracism Teaching Tools

This list, compiled by the CSD Librarians, includes links for action steps, an extensive book list and suggestions for blog posts/articles to read, links to podcasts and videos to listen to and view. There are also a couple of great toolkits from the Western States Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center which offer resources and information on addressing White Nationalism and pushing back on hate. We hope it is helpful!

Syllabus for Hybrid and Online Learning

This is the document shared by Erin Brady and Katie Lenox as part of the Framework of Instruction workshops offered during August 2020 in-service.

Game-ifying Tools

Explorable Explanations offers a wide array of learning games, interactive textbooks, and more, in a variety of disciplines. Find games and resources for everything from Journalism and Chemistry to Art, Math, or Social Sciences. Philosophy,'s all there. The site also includes recommendations for online tools you can use to create your own learning tools and tutorials on how to do it successfully.

Individual Tools and Sites for Engagement & Online Learning (all subjects)

Mountainfilm for Students

Mountainfilm uses the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world. As a primary element of this mission, our student programs offer engaging content featuring inspiring stories to ignite the imagination and broaden perspectives.

PBS Learning Media

Browse the catalog of educational videos and lesson ideas by subject and grade level - wide range of topics and subjects.


A catalog of free teaching resources for Humanities and Sciences with articles, class polling questions, comprehension and critical thinking questions embedded in the texts - searchable by grade level, lexile level, subject. Contents include curriculum units, news articles for current events, and exploration of individual topics based on theme.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

A collaboration between the Library of Congress and WGBH. Discover historic programs of publicly funded radio and television across America. Watch and listen. --from the website

Search the archive of TED talks by topic.

Social Justice Graphic Novels

From addiction to environmentalism to xenophobia, Social Justice Graphic Novels (a Carnegie Whitney Project) has compiled lists of some of the best graphic novels covering the spectrum of social justice issues as well as great teaching tools and resources to help you and your students explore these books together. For some great lists and reviews of social justice books in any genre/format, try the Teaching For Change project: Social Justice Books.

Digital Escape Rooms

Looking for a fun and different way to engage with students and provide opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperation? Find a digital escape room and puzzle your way out with your students. Check out some ready-to-use options below, or use these to get ideas on how to create your own.

This one was created by a professional Escape Room company - Escape Room Herndon in Virginia. They put together this series of online puzzles based on 80s movies in order to keep their clients busy during COVID.

  • Georgetown Public Library (in Texas) compiled this list of digital escape rooms

  • Madison County Public Library put this list together - this one is helpfully arranged by various categories

Want to create your own? Check out this blog post to learn how.