North Meck Student Services


The North Mecklenburg High School Student Services Department believes that all students are entitled to an enriched academic environment and a safe, supportive school community. All members of Student Services will assist students to develop academic, social/emotional skills, an appreciation for diversity, and a global awareness. Our goal is to support and develop within each student a readiness for college and/or career, and responsible citizenship.

Requesting an Appointment with your Counselor:

If you would like to meet with your counselor, please click on your counselor's name below to request an appointment. Appointments will be seen in 24-28 hours. For an EMERGENCY, please come immediately to Student Services.

PLEASE DO NOT request an appointment to discuss schedule corrections; you must fill out the form above and we will call you in if we need to discuss your request. Thank you!

Enrollment Information

Information about student enrollment can be found HERE. Please ensure that you bring all documentation with you.