Please share with us businesses you feel would love the opportunity to sponsor our Hough High Chorus Program. If the company does sponsor our program, you will receive 2% of their 2022-23 year sponsorship in your child's Chorus Charms' Account. That could provide you $10, $30, $70, or even $100 for a Spotlight Sponsor! You are not limited to the number of business leads you can submit or the amount of sponsor funds added to your Charm account.

Simply provide the contact information and we will get in touch with the company. If you wish to remain anonymous during our conversations, please select the Anonymous check box.

To submit a business lead or if you have questions about this program, please email

In the case of multiple submissions of a company, we will adhere to the following rules:

  • A date stamp is listed with each submission. Earliest date will get priority.

  • If the contact information is not valid, the submission is invalid. Along with the company name, we must have a contact name and either a phone number or email address.

  • If a contact does not provide follow-through and we use the contact information of a second submission, the second submission gets priority.

  • If a contact does provide follow-through but directs us to the contact of a second submission, the first submission gets the priority.

Monies earned for this program can only be used for unpaid current or future Chorus events or fees.