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Chorus Fees 2019-20

Chorus participation fees can be paid by logging into your CHARMS Account or by cash.

See the CHARMS page for instructions on creating your account.

PLEASE NOTE: ​Any payments made in CHARMS will be subject to a small convenience fee

Chorus 1 $100 due by 10/1
Chorus 2 $100 due by 10/1 
Concert Choir $150 due by 10/1 
Women’s Chamber $175 due by 10/1                    
Show Choir $275 due by 10/1                                  

Supply list 2019-20


Mechanical pencils (no pens)

Hi-liter & Colored Pencils

Electronic device for assignments--must have ability to record audio & video

2 boxes of kleenex per student for classroom use

1-12 or 24 case of water

1-2 bags of cough drops/throat lozenges or 1-2 rolls paper towels or 1-2 Chlorox wipes----Thank you!

  • Beginning & Intermediate (Chorus 1 & 2):

½” ANY COLOR/DESIGN 2 pocket portfolio folder (no binders)

Choir 1 Concert Attire: Golf shirt (order online); black dress slacks or skirt (kneelength); black shoes

Choir 2: Formal concert attire (order online); black dress shoes (no more than 1” heel)

Join class REMIND & Google Classroom & CHARMS


½” BLACK, plain (no designs or stickers) 3 ring binder with pockets inside

CC Formal concert attire (order online); black dress shoes (no more than 1”heel)

Join class REMIND & Google Classroom & CHARMS

  • Women’s Chamber/A Cappella

½” BLACK, plain (no designs or stickers) 3 ring binder with pockets inside

Black Character Shoes (no more than 2” heel)

WC Formal concert attire (order online)

Join class GroupMe & Google Classroom & CHARMS

  • SHOW CHOIR: 2 pocket folder & yoga mat

Ladies shoes: tan character shoe 2” heel; T-strap preferred

Mens shoes: black jazz shoe

Attire (most pieces included in class fee)

Join class GroupMe & Google Classroom & CHARMS

Concert Attire

We will be measuring students who need concert attire at the September 5th Parent Meeting.

need chorus bling? get it here!

From sweatshirts to caps, mugs to yoga pants, this is were you can get all your bling!


Together, we will strive to build a choral music "legacy" at Hough, marked by expectations at a very high standard. Each individual singer is an important part of the pursuit, and all groups of valued equally.

Beginning & Intermediate Choirs

The Hough Beginning & Intermediate Choirs (Chorus 1 & 2) develop foundations essential for effective musicianship. This is usually the entry point for incoming singers and their initial involvement in the Hough choral experience, with common rehearsal and performance expectations held for other groups.

Concert & Women's Chamber Choirs

The Hough Concert & Women's Chamber Choirs explore a variety of music repertoire throughout the school year, including music from other cultures sung in various languages. As the year progresses, the foundations of good vocal techniques, vocal health, sight reading, musicianship, etc. will be built upon previous skills. Opportunities will be offered for solos, regional choruses, and smaller specialty groups - on and off-campus - for students in good academic standing.

Show Choir

The Hough Show Choir, quite simply, puts on a show. The group's strength lies in high-energy performances, gaining high-energy response from the audience. Sound and sight elements are equally important, as students present a fresh "live" sound with each performance.

Participants are more concerned with overall projection and clear harmonies than sophisticated musical nuances. Because choreography is usually complex, choral parts are often less demanding that those of a traditional jazz or acapella choir. It is not uncommon for a show choir to sing a large portion of its show in unison, occasionally breaking into harmonic chords. Performers may be accompanied by a small jazz combo or recorded instrumentation that has been produced professionally. Music of all popular styles may be used in programming, although pop, rock and Broadway show tunes fit the choreographic plan more naturally.


Each singer is a vital member of the Choirs of William A. Hough High School! Thank you for your partnership, as we pursue musical excellence and a great experience together. This form is provided for past, present and future Howlin' Huskies and their families to stay in touch with us, and as an information source for all things choral at The Hough.

Please use this form to contact us for more information about our program.


Chorus classes at William A. Hough High School are developed around the concepts of giving, sharing and ever-growing maturity. While pursuing excellence through giving and sharing our talents with each other and our audiences, we are rewarded in multiple ways. Consistent with high expectations and pride established by singers from past years, present-day participation should be respected and taken seriously. It’s our turn!