Are you new to the Howlin' Huskies? Then make sure you take advantage of all we have to offer:

  • First and foremost, join CHARMS!
  • Follow our Facebook page to keep updated on events, meetings, and important news.
  • Check out our Media page to see pictures and videos of our performing Huskies. Pictures can be downloaded for your personal use and if your Husky is planning on continuing their music career, they can share the videos as well. Videos can also be shared with family members who weren't able to attend the event. Every moment caught, right at your fingertips!

We need your help!

Our chorus would not be what it is today without the help of our parents! We understand that everyone's life is crazy hectic, but if everyone would commit to helping out at just one event per semester, we all would benefit. See below for the many ways that you can get involved, and THANK YOU for caring about your child's involvement in the Howlin' Huskies!!


Any active Charms volunteer links will be listed below:

Join the chorus booster


the hhs chorus booster needs you!

The following are also areas where we are looking for parent helpers:

  • Attire/Wardrobe/Costuming
  • Photography/Video
  • Data Base Management (music library, personnel, trip documents, etc)
  • Chaperones for day and overnight travel
  • Rehearsal accompanist/sectionals help
  • Other support

Please download this Parent Help Sign Up form, make your selection and fill out the details at the bottom then send it in with your choral student. It's that easy to play a vital role in your child's future!