concert attire guidelines

(before public performances)


  • All dresses must be hemmed; Dress should be hemmed to the floor so that feet/shoes/ankles do not show.
  • Black shoes are flats or no more than 1" heel
  • Dresses should be free of wrinkles
  • No sports bras should be worn or tank tops with straps that are visible in neckline


  • All tuxedo pants must be hemmed appropriately; shirts/jackets/vest/pants must be pressed
  • Black bow-tie MUST be worn
  • Black socks MUST be worn with black dress shoes

JEWELRY Guidelines:

  • No necklaces except for the one specifically ordered to wear with the dress.
  • Small stud earrings may be worn; no dangles or hoops
  • No bracelets/watches may be worn
  • Rings are ok; class rings preferable
  • Chorus Service Pins should be worn on lapel of tux jacket or dress bodice

Makeup Guidelines:


  • No heavy stage makeup needed.
  • blush, mascara, lipstick but not extreme red or dark--Makeup should enhance your features so you are not washed out on stage
  • Appropriate eye shadow/eye liner may be worn; nothing extreme


  • No makeup

Hair Guidelines:


  • Must be pulled neatly off face
  • Long hair may be styled 1/2 up/down or just pulled off face
  • No ponytails or high buns
  • No big hair accessories
  • Color: Extremes of hair coloring may not be appropriate; please discuss with Ms. H


  • Must be groomed and long hair must be pulled neatly off face


  • Showstopper Costume
  • All of the above applies when you are wearing Concert Black.
  • Additional hair/makeup criteria will be discussed in class.

If you have questions, please discuss with Ms. HG