November 7, 2019: Senior Meeting for cap and gown information

November 13th-14th: Place your cap and gown order on campus during all lunches

Graduation Requirements

  • A student must earn a total of 24 credits to be eligible for a diploma. These 24 credits must include:
      • 4 credits of English (English I, English II, English III, English IV)
      • 4 credits of Math (NC Math I, NC Math 2, NC Math 3, and a 4th Math Option)
      • 3 credits of Science (Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, and a physical science)
      • 4 credits of Social Studies (World History, Civics and Economics, American History I, and American History II-students may substitute with AP US History and a Social Studies Elective)
      • 1 Health/PE requirement
      • 8 elective credits (2 must be CTE, Art, or World Language)
  • Completion of CPR training requirement.

Interested in Attending a 4 year university?

-NC Public University's require a minimum cumulative, weighted GPA of 2.5 for admissions (other Colleges may require similar or higher)

-Minimum SAT score of 880 or ACT of 17

-At least 2 levels of the same World Language

-4th Advanced Math (AFM, Pre-Calculus, etc.)

-Remember, all colleges have different admissions requirements. It is important to know the admissions requirements of the schools you would like to attend. Use your Naviance account in your Student Portal to explore colleges and universities across the U.S.