Freshman year is an adjustment for everyone...increased workload, more responsibility, and accountability. Your GHS student services department wants you to have everything you need so you can conquer your first year of high school with ease.

Useful Things to Know:

  • Each class you pass = 1 credit. You need 24 credits to graduate, so you need all of your classes-yes, even Health/PE, it is a NC requirement.
  • All of your grades count towards your GPA- A major difference between middle school and high school is that all of your grades are now worth points. These points are used to determine your GPA (Grade Point Average). Prospective schools are able to use your GPA as an indication of the type of student you might be. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA for all NC Public Colleges and Universities
    • Standard Grade Point Scale: A=4 pts., B=3 pts., C= 2 pts., D= 1 pt., F= 0 pt.
    • Honors Grade Point Scale: A=4.5 pts., B=3.5 pts., C=2.5 pts., D= 1.5pts., F= 0pt.
    • AP Grade Point Scale: A=5 pts., B=4 pts., C=3 pts., D= 2 pts., F= 0pt.
  • Athletic Eligibility- in order to be a part of an athletic team you must meet promotion standards, earn a 2.0 semester GPA, and have at least 85 percent attendance from the previous semester.
  • Promotion Requirements- In order to be promoted to the 10th grade, a student must earn at least 6 credits (pass six classes).

Want to Go to College?

Senior year is far too late to begin getting ready for college. Every year of high school counts, so why not begin with the end in mind?

Plan Ahead: Know the Criteria for College Entrance

  • Courses: You will need to take challenging courses in high school in order to meet college entrance requirements. Work hard this year, and challenge yourself with Honors of AP coursework in the future!
  • Grades: Work hard, study harder, and be prepared for class each day
  • GPA/Class Rank: Your GPA starts now! Strong GPAs include more As and Bs than Cs and Ds.
  • School Activities: Get involved!! Join a club, sport, or do a community service activity that interests you. Start building that resume.

Complete these tasks this year:

  • Start thinking about your future plans. 4 years goes faster than you think...
  • Take a look at some college admissions criteria-this way you can set meaningful goals
  • Take challenging classes
  • ATTEND school everyday!
  • Participate in extracurricular activities
  • Begin exploring careers