Our school is committed to creating a positive learning environment where students are academically and socially successful. As part of our school plan, we are implementing a Positive Behavior program. This is a nationally validated framework for creating a positive school climate.

At School Eleven we refer to this approach as being “RARE.” Through a collaborative team process, we have determined that Respect, Attention, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm are a priority at School 11 and all staff are expected to implement the procedures described in School Eleven’s Positive Behavior program.

Only through consistent and genuine implementation of these practices will we be able to achieve the types of positive outcomes we want to see at School Eleven.

Universal Team

Kimberly Fucetola, Administrative Intern

Jane O’Neill, School Counselor

Jennifer Angelillo, Teacher

Melinda DeChellis, Teacher

Amanda Rhodes, Teacher

Gina Matano, Teacher

Deanna Palladino, Teacher

Samantha Segda, Teacher

Nancy Sabbagh, Teacher

Ali Zeidan, Teacher

Karolina Sloniewski, Teacher

Diana Maksymowicz, Teacher

Jane Labriola, Teacher

Sarah Haycock, Teacher

Virginia Sheehan, Teacher

Cheryl Marino, Teacher

Click the white button to the left to learn more about the NJ PBSIS program, this is the program our School 11 RARE program was modeled after.

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