Welcome to Morrow High School's Counseling Department. Our goal is to provide academic, career, college access, and personal competencies to each student as set forth by the American School Counseling Association guidelines. 

In our ever changing world and society, it is more critical than ever for students and parents to be well-informed of the latest requirements, resources, and opportunities available for all students. It is our goal to provide comprehensive school counseling services to help students develop and acquire the social, emotional, and academic skills, abilities, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to successfully complete high school and reach their future goals.

Throughout the school year counselors spend much of our time individually assisting students and parents with academic placement, social/emotional skills, monitoring progress towards graduation and discussing future career and college plans. 

Parents and students are kept informed through our guidance webpage,  text messages and automated phone calls. 

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Morrow High SCHOOL CEEB CODE: 112177


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