Welcome to Johnson-Williams Middle School Art with Ms. Stenberg!

At Johnson-Williams, art is part of a trimester exploratory field with hands-on study in a variety of techniques, familiarity with the elements of art and principles of design, incorporation of digital art and introduction to well-known artists.

Students will have twelve weeks of study within each class. Each grade level will study major movements in art history, including Renaissance and Impressionism through Modern and Contemporary. They will have opportunity to engage in art criticism with their peers and critique bodies of work with given rubrics.

Art techniques related to contour drawing, watercolor techniques, principles of landscapes, drawing 3D shapes, portrait drawing, creating art using perspective, and grid enlargement will be explored.

A large focus is how to let go and "go big" with their art! Students will use a variety of art media, including, but not limited to, oil and chalk pastels, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, graphite, ceramic and polymer clay, computer design and other mixed media techniques!

I look forward to this years’ groups of artists, the inspiration they bring to the classroom and each other, seeing the growth students make in their techniques, art background knowledge, and how the goals they’ve set for themselves are met by the end of our units of study.

As Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage”, and I hope to help cultivate that inspiration, develop curiosity, and that vulnerable creativity that expands the self within our world! Welcome to an exciting year in art!

Ms. Meredith Stenberg

Johnson-Williams Middle School

Art 6-8

Room 104


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