During a conversation over a cup of hot filter coffee, a friend once said, “You can take a man out of Bengaluru, but you cannot take Bengaluru out of a man.” Such is the charm of this city. From the lines of green foliage, long walks in the parks, to the wafting smells of dosas and coffees, one does fall in love with Bengaluru.

If someone is visiting Bengaluru just for a few days, it is possible to feel lost in the never-ending traffic, long distances, the crowd, et al. So, to make it easier, here is a list of our choicest not-to-miss places in Namma (Our) Bengaluru.


Lung spaces

Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden –The Garden City has two large, public green covers which are also places of historical importance. Cubbon Park sprawls over 300 acres and houses some iconic statues and buildings. India’s largest collection of tropical plants also can be found in Lalbagh.


Bengaluru Palace, Tipu Sultan Palace - Bengaluru has a rich cultural history which is evident in the beautiful architecture. While Tipu Sultan Palace was built as the king’s summer residency, Bengaluru Palace is of Tudor architecture, which was built after seeing the Windsor Palace in England.


Ulsoor Lake and Sankey Tank – The history of Bengaluru does not end with monuments and parks. These lakes can be visited for a jog around, a boat ride or for quiet reflections.


Brigade Road and Commercial Street – A trip to a city is incomplete without collecting some souvenirs. Though the city has a lot of shopping malls, Brigade Road and Commercial Street would win any day for best local buys like antiques, incense sticks, Indian clothes, footwear, etc.


Rangashankara, Jagriti Theatre and Alliance Francaise De Bengaluru – Can we ever get enough of the thrill of stage, drama, dialogues? At Rangashankara, one can catch a play everyday. Jagriti Theatre has plays, dance and comedy performances and open-mics too. For film screenings, music, plays, etc, you can head to Alliance Francaise De Bengaluru.

Art Galleries

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Venkatappa Art Gallery – For lovers of paintings, NGMA and Venkatappa Art gallery is a must visit. NGMA also is known for it’s gallery walks, film screenings and talks. Not just artworks on display, these two places are known for the serene surroundings too.

Libraries and Bookstores

Atta Galatta and Blossom Book House – A city so rich in art, culture and history would be incomplete without its bibliophiles. One can spend an entire day in Atta Galatta – it is a library, book store, café and a performance space always bubbling with energy. But if you are looking for dated magazines and an out of edition print, Blossom Book House, Bengaluru’s beloved second-hand bookstore is calling you.

Tastes and Smells


Authentic South India: MTR, Vidyarthi Bhawan and Brahmins Idli – There is no dearth of eateries in the city when it is about the authentic local taste. But our best bet are these three joints. While Brahmins Idli and Vidyarthi Bhawan serves only breakfast, MTR is open for lunch and dinner too.


DYU Art Café, Urban Solace, Yogistaan – We Bengaluruans love our cafes. While you will spot a few Starbucks here and there, the list of cafes in the city is endless. However, we recommend you head to these three places. DYU Art Café can charm you with its architecture and laid back ambience while serving some soul warming food. Urban Solace hosts live music, poetry , book readings and open mic nights. Yogistaan provides great healthy eating options.

Flower market

Flowers at KR Market – This market is the largest wholesale market in the city for flowers. If you are keen to understand the local culture and economy, this market is a must-visit. There are many groups conducting a market walk in and around KR Market. While the market is open all day and practically all night, they say it is best to visit in the early hours of the morning, at 5-6am when the market is busiest and the amount of flowers being bought and brought in is largest.