In partnership with Christ University and the IPTN Conference, submissions of research proposals were invited. The completed research will be published as a book to commemorate the conference. The overall project will be coordinated and edited by Dr. Baiju Gopal from the University and Brian Tasker, IPTN Journal Editor.

The Research projects are:

  • Anuja Gupta, USA | Exploring the Use of Playback Theater in Leadership Development
  • Clarice Steil Siewert, Brazil | Women, Mothers & their stories: an experience through Playback Theatre
  • Dionisos Teatro, Brazil | The Poetic scene in Playback Theatre: language research
  • Hani Al-Rstum, Lebanon | Engaging local communities in the practice of Playback Theatre
  • Ignis Careers, India | Playback Theatre - A retrospective tool to re-define the purpose of Education among Educators in Telengana region
  • Kathleen Oliver, Canada | Playback Theatre for the social and clinical worker: working with body, emotions & empathy in conferences
  • Lambros Yotis & Playback Psi Theatre Company, Greece | Chorus work in Playback Theatre: ancient roots, modern perspectives
  • Natalia Vainilovych, Ukraine | Diversity in PT practice
  • Dr. Radhika Jain, India | Part 1: Playback Theatre as an entry point tool to understand the concerns of the caregivers in the health care sector in India | Part 2: Playback Theatre as a self-care tool by the nurses for the nurses
  • Dr. Rinat Shahaf Barzilay & Dr. Amy Gelbart, Israel | Growing to full stature: Developing a Play mindset
  • Tamara Tellez Veranes, Cuba | Playback Theatre with people who have been in prison
  • Tatiane Mitleton Borges | Playback Theatre in Elementary and High Schools
  • Ramos, Brazil |
  • The Yuva Ekta Foundation, India | Studying the effects of Playback Theatre among 'at risk' youth at a Remand Home for young adults in Delhi