Venue & Hosts

Christ University is located in the southern part of Bengaluru. The 92 acres are spread across three campuses. A bird's-eye view of the Main campus can be viewed from the large glass windows in the library. Christ has six blocks: Audi Block, Block 1 to 4 and the Central Block. There are two football grounds, multiple basketball and lawn tennis courts.

On college days, one can find a wide variety of food joints buzzing with activity (Ivy Hall, Gourmet, Block 4, Cafeteria in Audi and kiosks in each block). The University has an auditorium with a 2000-seat capacity with facilities that make it the best in the city and arguably among the best in India.

On any given day the campus has innumerable activities taking place. There are days when there are more than twenty cultural events like street theatre and dance being practiced in the nooks and corners of the campus. The vibrance of the campus is what differentiates Christ from other colleges in the city. High ceilings, wide corridors and large doors are inspiring and the strong student community with their spirit truly uplift the place.

Like Playback Theatre warms one's heart, so does Christ. It is a melting pot of personal stories, fluid dreams and beautiful encounters. Students from over 50 countries study here, find it their second home, and their creative safe space. We love it here and we are sure, so will you.

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Organizing Committee

This Conference sees a unique collaboration between a Playback Theatre group, an educational institution and IPTN. IPTN along with The Actors Collective and Christ University will host the IPTN Conference 2019. Started in 2015, The Actors Collective is a Playback Theatre Company based in Bengaluru that has a Playback history spanning for over nineteen years. Key members of the group are alumni of Christ University. The group made an ambitious bid to host the Conference and India is now poised to host the Conference for the very first time. Rajesh P.I and Sunil Vijendra along with their team, represent The Actors Collective.

In Pic: (Clockwise) Jibrael, Samudyatha, Sangeeta, Felix, Anshul, Rajesh, Nisha, Baiju, Honey, Siddarth, Aparna & Vibha.

Steering Committee

Christ University is one of the most dynamic institutions in India today. Under the leadership of Fr. Biju K Chacko (Department of Media Studies) and Fr. Lijo Thomas (Department of Performing Arts), they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the Conference goes off smoothly. They have tremendous amount of experience and access to resources which help in organizing international conferences regularly. To guide us all, IPTN Board members Brian Tasker and Christian Faber along with IPTN Board President Jori Pitkanen are constantly working to shape the contours of this Conference.

In Pic: (L to R) Christian Faber, Brian Tasker, Fr. Biju, Rajesh P.I & Sunil Vijendra.

Easy to navigate...

This is probably going to be one of the easiest Conferences to navigate in recent times. All workshops and events are confined to three buildings standing next to each other within the campus. Delegates have ample time to meet others and attend sessions in an unhurried and relaxed environment.