IPTN Conference

4 - 8 December 2019

CHRIST Deemed to be University, Bengaluru, India

350 Delegates

70 + Countries

16 Homegroups

64 workshops on a day

Start planning for the IPTN Conference 2019

Greetings! On behalf of IPTN (International Playback Theatre Network), The Actors Collective and CHRIST Deemed to be University, a big welcome to all of you. We are busy gearing up for the Conference which is 9 months away.

The planning started two years ago, the moment we won the bid in 2017. The Conference will be hosted from 4-8 December 2019 at Christ University, Bengaluru. The inauguration will be on 4th December at 5 pm. The Conference will then follow on 5, 6, 7 & 8 December.

Early bird pre-registrations are closed now, and was pegged at US$255. Regular pre-registrations at US$295 are currently open till 31 March. This is only a pre-registration process and registrations will only be confirmed in early April keeping in mind, diversity and equal opportunity. Please do not make any travel plans unless you hear from us.

The cost for stay will be additional, but with options that include single rooms, shared rooms, and dormitories within the Christ University campus and diverse stay options around the area, there are enough and more places to suit all budgets. Within the Christ University campus, stay options are available under $30 a night.

About 200 delegates can comfortably stay within the campus. We have scholarship options available for delegates who require support from around the world.

‘Celebrating Diversity. Encouraging Diversity’ will be the theme of the Conference. Worldwide, diversity is being threatened with narrow parochial view points gaining ground. The me-first or my community-first approach, runs counter to the Playback narrative of an inclusive, empathic and a ‘we’ world where we are connected by our stories.

India perfectly symbolizes the meeting of diverse cultures and varied lingual groups. We aim to make this website a one-stop space to answer all your queries.

Over the weeks and months that lead to the Conference, we will update information on the website constantly. So, please do refer back regularly. For any specific query please write to info@iptn-conference.org

Dear friends of Playback Theatre,

I welcome you to celebrate diversity in Bengaluru, India in December 2019!

We live in times where diversity is present almost everywhere. India itself is a huge example of diversity (6 major religions and other faiths, 22 official languages) and India faces the challenges as well as the potential of diversity in its own way.

Diversity sets people apart, but it also connects. It gives huge potential to growth and understanding, and it often is blamed for conflict.

In the IPTN gathering in Bengaluru people from all around the world gather around their passion, Playback Theatre. People come from countries that have conflicts, and have various perspectives on those conflicts.

People also come from very different Playback Theatre backgrounds. Every participant is welcome.

Playback Theatre for me is a form that helps to create understanding and empathy, not to find out what or who is right.

The IPTN conference is a unique opportunity to meet people from all around the world, appreciate their stories, understand their points of view, have empathy towards their struggles, play their stories back, play together and - hopefully - celebrate diversity.

Within diversity and understanding different, even opposing points of view, lies huge potential.

Let us use that. Let us meet people who are not like us and connect. Let us learn about points of view that we would have never thought of. Let us embrace and celebrate diversity.

Let's watch.

With love,

Jori Pitkänen,

IPTN President


Regular Pre-Registrations and call for Workshop & Home Group leaders open till 31 March 2019

Early Bird Fee - US$255 (Closed)

Regular Fee - US$295 (Ongoing)


Australian Playbacker Gerry Orkin has initiated a fund raiser to add to the IPTN scholarship amount. IPTN scholarships provide an equal opportunity for Playbackers from diverse backgrounds to attend the Conference. To donate, click here.

In a nut shell!

An international Scholarship Committee will look into the merits of each scholarship application and award scholarships accordingly. The focus will be on providing an opportunity for diverse voices to be heard at the Conference. More details, soon.


IPTN Members - 10%

Home Group Leaders - 50%

Workshop Leaders - 20%

IPTN Regional Representatives - 20%

*Please note - No two offers can be clubbed together.

Last Date

All delegates who wish to participate in the Conference must pre-register. Even if you have applied to host a Home group or conduct a workshop, you must have individually pre-registered. Pre-registrations close on 31st Dec and there will be no extension of this date.

Managing Conflict, sharing the challenge in our Community.

  • The values of Playback Theatre are about deep empathic listening, yet there have been occasions when conflict and difficulty has occurred at our gatherings. Jonathan Fox wrote about that here - https://www.iptn.info/?a=doc&id=384 .
  • Conflicts at our gatherings remains a challenge and 2019 offers an opportunity for us to try and do things differently. The Theme of the Conference is 'Celebrating Diversity. Encouraging Diversity.' And this also means there will be differences of opinion. It's highly likely there will be participants from opposing sides in enduring conflicts. This presents a rare opportunity, not just for them to meet, to tell their stories, and see them enacted, but for us all to see the humanity and vulnerability in each other and to work with our feelings and reactions in a constructive and empathic way.
  • At our Conference, we encourage this meeting of hearts and minds to be respectful of difference. For us all to take responsibility for creating a Conference that will move us forward in our understanding of each other as best we can and to be reflective and considerate of the potential effect when we can't.