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Council Grove Elementary Library

Welcome to the Council Grove Elementary Library Webpage!

If you are looking for a book. Click on the link on the left.

If you have any questions, please call the office or email me and I will do my best to help!

I can answers questions about the library, our school technology, and our Computer Science classes that rotate each week.

-Mrs. Hodges

FREE Online Ebooks and Audiobooks

  • Epic - need teacher code (free during school hours, parents can pay for access outside of school).

  • State Library ebooks and audiobooks - Tumble Books, Unite for Literacy, Britannica E-Stax, BookFlix, RG Digital, Freading, Enki, Cloud Library, and more

  • Open ebook (First Book) - Free ebooks, download the app on apple or android (request a free code and pin# from Mrs. Hodges)

  • Sunflower Library/Libby app (Emporia or Manhattan Public Library) - download the Libby app and use your Emporia or Manhattan Library card number and pin to borrow free ebooks and audio books.

The goals of CGES School Library are:

•to support teaching and instruction

•to build avid and capable readers

•to encourage students to use technology effectively and responsibly

•to assist students to access, evaluate, and utilize information effectively

•to offer a variety of quality information resources in a variety of formats

•to promote the planning, implementation and use of technology in the school

Book Care

We teach book care in Preschool-2nd grade and remind students each year.

We do encourage reading to our pets and siblings, but talk about the responsibility of taking care of the books. We suggest having the student put the book in their backpack when they finish reading or up on a high shelf or dresser to keep them up off the floor. Putting it in their backpack helps the student stay organized and remember to return it as well. This is a new school routine the students can practice at home that will help them stay organized as they get older.

  • Keep books away from pets

  • Keep books away from younger siblings

  • Keep books away from food and liquids (leaking water bottles in the backpack are our most common issue)

Lost and Damaged Books

We do not charge late fees in the school library.

If you have lost a book or a book gets damaged we do ask that you pay to replace the book so other students can continue to check out and read that book.

Overdue notices are sent out regularly to students. This helps the student remember to look for it at school and home and return it. If you are unsure about what the book is, please let us know and we can send you a picture of the cover so you can have a better idea of what you are looking for.

When an overdue slip is sent home please check the due date (circled below in red). The price (highlighted in yellow) is only there in you have looked and can't find the book and need to know how much it is to replace it. If a student finds and returns the book, the student does NOT have to pay this amount. An overdue slip picture is posted below.

If a family pays for a lost book and then it is found, please let us know and we will refund the amount paid.

Overdue printout example