Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I live in your target area?

Please refer to the maps of our program areas on our home page. While we are targeting two specific state-designated disadvantaged communities, we are not turning away people who live outside of those boundaries.

What kind of pollution do the air monitors detect?

The monitors detect particulate matter, which most commonly results from diesel combustion, such as from large trucks.

Do the air monitors detect pesticides?

No, unfortunately the air monitors do not detect pesticides.

Do the air monitors detect radioactive pollution?

No, radioactive pollution is not particulate matter and is unfortunately not detected by the air monitors.

Can I use the monitor while I'm riding a bike?

Yes! You can use the monitors on a bike, on a scooter, while you're running, however you please! We do ask for you make a note of how you are using the air monitor. Note: the monitors are not waterproof.

How long do I get to use the air monitor?

We will work together with the Community Air Action Teams to create a protocol at our upcoming meetings in January.