My School, My Air

Students use the hand-held AirBeam monitors to map air quality around campus and in their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood groundtruthing is mirrored on local school campuses across the county, with an emphasis on project areas. Elementary, middle and high school students from each of the project neighborhoods use hand-held air monitors to gather data about pollutant concentrations on and around their school campuses.

This provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in hands-on learning about environmental and public health issues in their neighborhoods.

In partnership with Sonoma Technology, Inc.'s Kids Making Sense program, school teachers are provided with curriculum and trained on how to use hand-held air monitors to measure particulate matter (PM) concentrations on campuses in real time. Teachers will take the air monitors back to their classrooms and can mold the curriculum to fit the needs and interests of their students. Additionally, students will provide input on the appropriate locations for stationary air monitors to be placed on their school campuses.

Students will also have the opportunity to present data and findings to VCAPCD, neighborhood meetings, policy makers, and elected officials.

All results will be available to be viewed, downloaded, and compared with data collected from all schools taking part in the Kids Making Sense Program.

We are currently in the first cycle of this program, and our second teacher training will take place in Fall 2019. Teachers, please contact if you would like to sign up for the Fall 2019 Kids Making Sense Training.