Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee for this program will assess and review the scientific aspects related to the development of protocols, data collection, and data presentation and interpretation. This team of experts will ensure the program's scientific integrity and analyze the implications of the resulting data.

Dr. Steven Colomé, CFROG Technical Advisor

Hilary Hafner, Senior Vice President, Sonoma Technology, Inc

Dr. Sean Anderson, Program Director CSUCI

Mike Villegas, Air Pollution Control Officer, VCAPCD

Mallory Ham, VCAPCD

Ali Ghasemi, VCAPCD

Dr. Victor Polanco, Coalition for Clean Air

Dr. Jeremy Smith, California Air Resources Board

Dr. Trish Johnson, California Air Resources Board

Dr. Andrea Polidori, Advanced Monitoring Technologies Manager-AQMD

Dr. Vasileios Papapostolou, SCAQMD AQ-SPEC