My People, My Air

A Community Air Protection Program

It's not just oxygen: Discover what you're breathing

Help improve your neighborhood air quality

Program Summary

Community members become neighborhood scientists! My People, My Air is a community air protection program that provides community members with the tools they need to improve their air quality.

This is a free community program, and all training and equipment will be provided. We hope this program will help community members be more informed about the air they breathe and feel empowered to take necessary steps to improve their air quality.

Community Benefits

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Expand your understanding of air quality and environmental health in your neighborhoods

Join your family and neighbors to form a Community Air Action Team - we will show you how to monitor your air.

Be supported and empowered to push for policy changes based on your unique needs and experiences

Increase community awareness of air quality and its health impacts in their neighborhoods

Provide community members with the needed resources and support to be involved in county policy

Document resident concerns about air quality and produce openly-available air quality information

Fill gaps in air emission inventories in three neighborhoods where pollution burdens are the greatest

Project Neighborhoods

West Ventura

Designated Environmental Justice Community in CalEnviroScreen

South Oxnard

Designated Environmental Justice Community in CalEnviroScreen