CFISD Livestock Show Association

10300 Jones Road, Ste. 664 Houston, Texas 77065

P.O. Box 692003 Houston, Texas 77269-2003

(281) 897-4036

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2022 CFISD Livestock Show & Sale

February 1 - 5, 2022

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General Information


  • How do I sign up for alert texts?

      • These are NEW GROUPS for 2020 show. Remind now limits the number of members for each group. Please sign up for the 1 group that best fits your situation. Each time an alert is sent for a barn, it will be sent to all groups for that barn.)

      • Eldridge-Students (Text @eldridgest to 81010)

      • Eldridge-Parents (Text @eldridgepa to 81010)

      • Telge-Back Barn Students (Text @telgeback to 81010)

      • Telge-Front Barn Students (Text @telgefront to 81010)

      • Telge-Parents (Text @telgepar to 81010)

      • Westgreen-Students (Text @wgstudent to 81010)

      • Westgreen-Parents (Text @parentwg to 81010)

  • Eligibility (No Pass No Play) Guidelines and Deadlines

  • What is the lottery/draw and how is that working?

  • How do I get my money from the sale?

  • How do I order pictures from the last show/sale?

  • How do I volunteer to help?

  • What weight breaks are used to determine classes for large market animals?


  • Buyer's Guide Booklet

  • Do I need to preregister to be a buyer? No. You can register to be a buyer on-site at the event.

  • Is my purchase/gift tax deductible?

  • How do I handle getting my animal purchases processed?

      • Poultry and Rabbits - Students will contact you soon after the sale to make arrangements to process and/or deliver your purchase within 21 days of the sale.

      • Lambs, Goats, Steers, and Swine - As a thank you for supporting our students, your purchase was sent to the processor you designated on your sale form. It is now up to you to contact the processor to discuss cuts/prices/pick-up

  • How do I make a donation? Use this link: Contact the CFISD LSA Office (281-897-4036) with any questions.