District Barns

Based on current protocols, at this point we are only approving students to house one CFISD market animal during the 2021-2022 school year. Students wishing to raise more than one CFISD project and/or livestock project(s) beyond State Fair/Harris County need to ensure they have non-district housing arrangements.

Due to the pandemic, students using the district barns must abide by any health and safety protocols set for these centers or risk having their access revoked, for the health and safety of all involved. The most important protocol is to stay away if you think you might be ill or exposed to someone who is ill.


These Centers are limited access facilities. Unauthorized access will not be tolerated. Additional protocols are in place for the health and safety of all who enter the centers.

ACCESSING THE BARNS - The numeric key pads at the gates were replaced with card readers in June, 2019. Each student will be issued one (1) card key that, when placed against the card reader, will open the gate. Only students with current barn applications and ag teachers will have card keys that will open the gates. While the student is expected to be present at all times, one (1) additional card key may be purchased for $10 to assist with extenuating circumstances such as conflicting school activities, overnight field trips, animal illness/emergency, etc. Lost or broken card keys should be reported to your ag teacher as soon as possible. Broken card keys will be replaced at no charge, however there will be a $10 fee for replacing lost card keys.

Use this link to purchase replacements for lost or broken keys. Contact Kim Kullberg at 281-897-4036 with any questions. https://tinyurl.com/2021barncardkey

Alert Texts

These are NEW GROUPS for 2021-2022. Please sign up for the 1 group that best fits your situation. Each time an alert is sent for a barn, it will be sent to all groups for that barn.)

      • Eldridge (Text @eldr2021 to 81010)

      • Telge (Text @telg2021 to 81010)

      • Westgreen (Text @westg2021 to 81010)

2021-2022 CFISD AgScience Center Handbook.pdf
CFISD ASC Hlth Safety Protocols.pdf

Other Information

Questions Related to Project Supervision

  • How often should my ag teacher check on my project? The goal is for ag teachers to visit the district/booster club barns multiple times a week (depending on how many animals are there) and to get to private homes/barns at least once a month (depending on how many they have). NOTE: The ag teachers are off-contract for about 4 weeks from mid-June to mid-July. During that time they may not be making supervision visits, but should leave you information on how to handle emergencies.

  • If my project is at a district barn, how do I know when the ag teacher will be there? The ag teachers will share at least a general schedule of when they will be making routine visits to check conditions of animals and pens. Some of these visits may be during the school day, but others will be after school to provide an opportunity for students/parents to get face-to-face feedback. More specific dates/times will be provided for events such as clipping, weigh days, cattle hoof trimming, showmanship clinics, etc.

  • My project at a private home/barn...how can I take advantage of the events/equipment at the district barns? Ag teachers will share specific dates/times for events such as clipping, weigh days, cattle hoof trimming, showmanship clinics, etc. at district facilities. In most cases, students with projects at private homes/barns may attend (with the option to bring their animal project) to participate as long as the ag teacher is in attendance. Since access to these facilities is limited to those with current pen leases, be sure to communicate your desire to attend before the event.