Entry Data/Statistics

Below are some commonly requested data/statistics:

Lottery (also referred to as the "Draw")

  • What is the lottery? In an attempt to create a "level playing field", all animals, except breeding rabbits and heifers, are purchased from a supplier selected by the CFISD LSA Rules Committee. For the larger animals, a lottery/draw is held to determine the order the students will be allowed to select their animal. The student drawing #1 selects first, followed by #2, etc. See the "Draw & Selection Rules" in the rule book for more details.
  • Statistics on where the top placing animals were in the lottery:

Record Sales

GC Record Sales-revised 2018.pdf
RC Record Sales.pdf

Weight Breaks

  • What are weight breaks? The larger market animals are broken into classes by their weight at check-in. The weight breaks can vary from year to year, due to variance in weight distributions. This allows them to first compete in classes with other animals of similar weight. The class winners go on to compete for Grand Champion of the division.
  • Statistics on weight ranges by class: