Volunteer Information

2018 Committee Member RTIC Cooler Raffle Winners

  • Maureen Cook (Jersey Village FFA) - Decoration and Hospitality Committees
  • Amy Averitt (Cypress Creek FFA) - Information Booth Committee
  • David Hebert (Cypress Woods FFA) - Cattle Handlers Committee

Thank you to all who volunteered their time to help make the 2018 CFISD Livestock Show & Sale a memorable experience for the students!

rtic cooler raffle prize

Recording Volunteer Hours

Help us document and appreciate the countless volunteer hours it takes to put on this show.

Booster Clubs

Booster Clubs are campus-based support groups that are regulated by the guidelines below.

CFISD Booster Club Guidelines

Craft Show Information/Contacts

Supplier Information

Livestock suppliers have been chosen for the 2019 CFISD Livestock Show.

Below is the RFP for any company wanting to be considered as the supplier of our steers for the 2020 CFISD Livestock Show. It is due December 9, 2019.

Steer Bid for 2020.pdf