Buyer/Student Payments

Buyer Payments

Please download the "Tax Status Letter" for information on the deductibility of animal purchases and gifts to FFA students (add-ons). The CFISD Livestock Show Association is considered a "District group/club".

Please consult with your tax expert about the deductibility of your purchase and gifts to FFA students (add-ons). The District retains 10% of the sales price and gifts to FFA students (add-ons). The students receive the remaining 90%.

If there are still questions, parents or community members may contact our District's Internal Auditor at 281-897-4111.

Student Payments

Premium Sale: The price of two 8" x 10" pictures (approximately $20.00) will be deducted from every premium sale item. These pictures are to be delivered by the students to the buyers within THIRTY DAYS from receipt of buyer's information. Students will provide a confirmation signature from the buyer acknowledging that the picture was received, otherwise students will not receive payment.

All Sales/Gifts: Within THIRTY DAYS from the receipt of the buyer’s information, students are required to have up‐to‐date record books with an agriscience teacher’s approval. Students will provide confirmation that a thank you note was written and delivered. Students will not receive payment without this documentation.

Payments to students will be withheld until pledged funds are received for the purchase of the project(s) or gift(s). Any pledged funds not received may be deducted from the payment to the student. A commission of 10% will be charged on all projects sold in the premium sale, freezer sale, silent auction, and gifts to students. The funds generated from this 10% fee will be deposited in the general account of the Livestock Show Association to cover expenses related to running the show and sale.

The Cypress‐ Fairbanks Livestock Show Association Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is required to issue an IRS 1099 form to students earning a total of $600.00 or more from the sale of animals/projects and gifts (add-ons). Please consult your tax expert with any questions about filing information on income and expenses related to raising/building your project(s).

Presale forms are available from your ag teacher.