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Have you experienced collective prayer and fasting?

The spiritual practices of prayer and fasting play essential roles in the life of every disciple. It is in prayer that we connect to God as He, too, communicates with us. Similarly, in fasting, we abstain from something — such as food, objects, or activities — to devote time and energy to spend with God.We pray and fast on our own, but these practices take on a whole new meaning when they are done as a community. When we pray and fast together, we create opportunities to carry each other's burdens as the Lord had commanded us in Galatians 6:2. Alone we are weak and vulnerable. But together, we are stronger. Collective prayer and fasting strengthen the church as one body.

The Christian Bible Church of the Philippines regularly observes RESET – a three-day prayer and fasting period for the entire church. During this time, ministry activities, Life Groups, and Journey Group meetings are paused to encourage everyone to devote more time and energy in collective prayer. The church gathers every night at 8:00 pm to pray as one body, as one church. As quarantine restrictions persist, our prayer gatherings will be held online via Zoom.