Welcome to High Peaks Kindergarten!

 Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Hibl

November 1 , 2023

Hello Kindergarten Families!

We are kicking off Thankfulness Month in Kindergarten!  One of our biggest events of the school year is our Thankfulness Food Drive in which we collect non-perishable food donations in support of a local Boulder charity that supports families in need.  It is called EFFA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) and it is an organization that, not only serves as a food bank for local Boulder County families, but also helps them with housing and financial resources.  Please take a look at their website if you'd like to know more about their mission.  We read a wonderful story this morning called "Maddie's Fridge" that tells the story of a little girl whose family needs help.  It's a wonderful conversation starter and helps students understand why we're collecting food for families.  In conjuction with our food drive, we'll be spending time talking about gratitude and the things in our lives for which we are grateful.

With Kindness,

Lauren and Valerie



Classroom Learning and Happenings 


In connection with our thankfulness month, we are beginning a folktales unit and will be learning about stories that teach us life lessons.  One of the common themes found in these folktales is kindness and thankfulness and how we can solve most of our problems if we think about solutions through these 2 lenses.  We'll culminate this unit by sharing a snack of our own version of Stone Soup! 


In math, we are diving more into Unit 2. Unit 2 focuses on 5-groups, addition, subtraction, number partners and how to write the numbers 6-9. Students are loving the daily math routines and are getting more and more excited as we approach our 50th day of school. It's hard to believe that we are halfway to 100!

Core Knowledge

As it is the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving, students will learn the story of the first Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans who were the inspiration for this holiday.  Did you know that it was Abraham Lincoln who first made Thanksgiving a national holiday?  Just a little fact from our Early Presidents unit!  We will tie this learning into our conversations about gratitude and helping others in the spirit of the Wampanoag who helped the Pilgrims survive their first winter in America.  


Kindergarten Thankfulness Food Drive  

Hello High Peaks Community!

It’s that time of year again!  Kindergarten is hosting its 3rd Annual Thankfulness Food Drive to support our local Boulder charity EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) in their efforts to assist families in need for the Thanksgiving holiday.  

*Note: While we would love to collect turkeys, we can only accept non-perishable items.  However, if you would like to take perishable goods directly to EFFA, you may do so between 8:30-11:30 AM at their 1575 Yarmouth Ave. location in Boulder.