Volunteer Information & Application

Each school that participates in the Bulloch Regional Student Technology Fair is asked to provide volunteers for every project submitted.

Many volunteers are needed! Individuals eager to help can be of tremendous assistance by serving as general volunteers, facilitators, and judges. Interested in volunteering? If so, please read the descriptions below and complete the online application HERE.

  • General Volunteer: assists attendees in areas such as Student Check-in, Hospitality Room, and distribution of prizes during the Awards Ceremony
  • Facilitator: monitoring halls and classrooms
  • Judge: evaluating student projects and offering helpful feedback

If You Are Volunteering to Judge...

Please be familiar with the categories and rubric guidelines ahead of time. View project examples. Judges work with a partner to interview students. Projects are judged within 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes, judges move on to the next project. The last judge slot is determined by the number of projects in that category/division.

How to Evaluate Projects

Each judge team will receive all materials needed to complete its judging assignment:

  • information about each project
  • a rubric guideline sheet for each project on which to keep notes, and
  • a student feedback sheet.

After each student’s interview, judges will complete the student feedback sheet and give it to the student. Please keep the rubric guidelines until you have seen ALL projects in a grade/category. After seeing all projects in a given grade/category group, the judge team will rank the first, second, and third place projects according to your interview and project assessment.


As you complete the judging and ranking of a grade/category, you will submit your first, second, and third place results on the Results Form to the Results Manager in the Judge's Room. Ties are not allowed, so you must rank the top three projects separately. The manager will discuss your results with you and any members of your team to check for discrepancies or problems with the results. Once cleared from the Results area, you will continue on to judge your next grade/category or be checked out upon completion of all judging assignments.