Read below for important information about how our services change in the summer

Who we Are

The Multimedia Labs (or MMLs for short) provide the Brown community with inclusive, adaptive, and experimental spaces equipped with emerging technology to support creative digital work and inspire a community of makers. We embrace thinking through making as a powerful approach to design and learning. New members can gain access by completing this orientation

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Creative Tech

We strive to provide students with access to a variety of creative technologies such as video production, podcasting, large-format art printing, 3D printing, and virtual reality*. We believe anyone can become a technologist, and provide training and workshops with the goal of lowering the barrier of entry to these technologies. In addition we manage computer labs filled with creative software for digital production for our community to use.

*While Covid may keep us from working with some of these technologies, we are dedicated to finding solutions to working with you remotely.

Summer@the MML

We operate very differently during the summer. We do not maintain a student staff in the summer and the professional staff use most of this time designing, installing, and updating our spaces and services for the next academic year. As such you can expect the following changes:

  • Spaces are open to use, but with very little support. Please plan accordingly, and if you do encounter a problem in the space, please email us at

  • All trainings, workshops, and 1-on-1 help sessions are suspended. If you have been previously trained on a piece of equipment like the 3D printer, you may continue to use it during the summer, though we can not provide as much support as we usually do.

  • Membership is still available, but as mentioned above none of the trainigns are. Meaning you can still become a member to access the labs and computers, but not any of the specialized equipment.

  • Slower response time to emails and requests. As we are focused on plans for the next academic year, we may not respond to emails as immediately as normal and we may be slower or not able to accomodate requests during the summer.

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