About the Program

Mission Statement

Guided by the Quaker belief that there is a Divine Light in everyone, Brooklyn Friends School cultivates an intellectually ambitious and diverse community that celebrates each individual's gifts. We challenge our students to value and embrace difference as they develop critical thinking skills and apply their knowledge and intelligence both in and out of the classroom. In this rich learning environment, we inspire all members of our community to voice their convictions, to discover and pursue their passions, and to seek truth. Our graduates are compassionate, curious, and confident global citizens who let their lives speak in the spirit of leadership and service.

Core Values

Academic Excellence

Personal Excellence






"Let your life speak." George Fox

Blue Pride Statement

In each Athlete at Brooklyn Friends School there is a pride

that runs deep--


Blue Pride………..

Pride, respect, team and school unity

Blue Pride………..

Belief in oneself and each member of the team that we can set goals together and overcome any obstacles in meeting them

Blue Pride………..

The ability to meet any challenges through mental and physical preparation

Blue Pride

A unique feeling of worth, dignity, and commitment as a

member of the BFS Community