School Policies

Building is open at 7:00am

Breakfast Starts at 7:30am --- Scanning Starts at 7:30am

School Starts at 8:00am

Classes Start at 8:05am

You are LATE at 8:07 Late Passes issued at 8:07am

Every minute you miss out of your class,

is a minute you are not LEARNING!


Attendance is required for public school students. All Students at BCA are reuired to attend school on a full time basis. 90% attendance is one of the requirements for promotion to the next grade.

Absence Notes- Parents are expected to submit a note explaining each absence. Notes from a doctor or health care professional should be provided in cases of extended or frequent absence due to illness. If students have been absent from school for reasons other than illness, documentation of the reason for the absence (for example, exam schedule, court order) should be presented to the school.

School Attendance Responsibilities- Teachers are responsible for ensuring that accurate records of attendance are maintained for each student on register.