Girl Empowerment Group

SmHEARTgirls Flyer

Be Love Respect Yourself

As one bears witness to the lessons of life, the strength of character emerges to help support the dreams and aspirations of young learners. Young women need to connect with someone who can empower and direct their energies toward positive goals. A mentor who invests the time into defining a young woman's spirit can have a lasting effect on the growth and stability of her life. Therefore, young women must be inoculated with a positive dose of empowerment. With this dose of empowerment, they will be able to find their own voices, identify their unique talents, and find the ability to learn the lessons derived from the hearts of many. From the influence of positive role models, young women will be able to seek a sense of direction and acquire a secure shelter to revisit when faced with negative messages. Negative messages are encountered in a school culture, various outside influences, and emerging world patterns.

A source of such empowerment for young women in school is a creative, innovative program called SmHEARTgirls! This group has four goals:

  1. Develop a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-advocacy in young women.

  2. Build a positive community of young women.

  3. Celebrate women’s history and contributions in our community while providing service to organizations which help and promote positive images of women.

  4. Inspire all SmHEARTgirls! to achieve success through career preparation, counseling, and eventual triumph in college.

SmHEARTgirls! is informal, voluntary and combines both planned activities and informal social interaction. Our young women meet every week to discuss self-esteem issues, promote self-advocacy and develop their individual “voices.” These voices, often misunderstood, can project a positive force needed in our great society.

Meet Time: 9th & 10th Tuesdays 11th & 12th Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15 PM.