School Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of Brooklyn College Academy

We envision Brooklyn College Academy/Bridges to Brooklyn to be a collaborative community of leaders and learners. We believe that students, staff and parents have unique leadership abilities which can be used to develop a positive learning environment characterized by equity and excellence. Furthermore, to be self-reliant, principled, and able to function productively, particularly in a world of diversity, each member of the community must be committed to fulfilling his or her potential through the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Recognizing the problems inherent in educating today’s urban youth who are challenged, Brooklyn College Academy has defined its mission in terms of some basic assumptions which provide the impetus and direction of the philosophy and mission of the school. Among these assumptions are:

  • Every student can learn.

  • Challenged students can be motivated to attend.

  • Personalized settings and courses designed to capitalize on students’ interests and experiences increase the desire to remain in school and learn.

  • Ongoing support from staff, peers, parents and community resources help students develop self-esteem, overcome negative influences, and appreciate diversity in a multicultural community.

  • Effective teaching is an interactive process which is more likely to occur when teachers work collaboratively in curriculum development and professional development, as well as participate in the decision making process

  • Effective instructional programs emphasize scholastic achievement coupled with strong guidance support systems.