Red Table Talk Club

Red Table Talk Flyer

After School Tuesdays from 3-4 PM. Juniors Only.

The goal of the group is to talk supportively about problems we face as students or just as people in society. It’s like a venting group, but there will be good advice given, and sometimes it’s important to clear the air. In essence, it's a place to safely share problems, and receive feedback on how to use this as a teaching moment to grow. This will also create a closer bond with students. In addition, students will be free to challenge or debate with speakers as this club values the voice and opinions of others.


My goal in creating this club is to encourage students to feel safe to speak up about their problems, in such a way that is open-minded and respectful to others. Students will not be overlooked nor will they be silenced. Valuable lessons will be learned that we will be able to carry throughout our lifetimes. Overall it's meant to be a club of fun conversations, and creating new relationships that make us aware of our own beliefs and the way people are affected via the way we think.