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What Is the Foundation?

The Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation gives new and exciting enrichment opportunities to students in the Brockway Area School District. However, the Foundation is not funded by the school district. Instead, the Foundation is an independent public charity that receives its funding from Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) money and tax-deductible donations from partners like you.

This is an important distinction. The school district’s money goes to continuing the quality education that Brockway Area School District has always offered, but additional opportunities need funding. That’s where the Foundation comes in. Through EITC money and your help, the Foundation has offered dual enrollment opportunities to seniors for college credit while they’re still in high school. It has also paid for visiting artists to offer workshops to students. In addition, Foundation money has helped fund SAT preparation as well as AP tests. The high school has a 3D Printer provided by Foundation help, and the elementary school enjoys iPads with the Foundation’s help. On top of meeting these needs, the Foundation has its sights set on many more opportunities for students within the community, but it needs your help.

What Types of Donations Are Available?

Any donations made to the Foundation is tax-deductible. Individuals, corporations, alumni groups, graduating classes, and more can provide money to be used to help build the futures of students within the community. Right now, you can give charitable gifts at any time. Many can also take advantage of EITC tax credits. An advantage of donating now is that you can come see how the money is being used by setting up school visits with the district office. Any donation of any size will help provide an enrichment opportunity that could change the career trajectory of a Brockway student. However, there is another way to help out even after you’re gone, knowing you are leaving a lasting legacy to the community: long-range estate and financial planning.

The easiest way to make your mark on the future is to set up a bequest in your will. When planning your will or adding a codicil to an existing will, set up ways to give to the community. The bequest can be set up as a specific dollar amount, a residual of your estate, or even a percentage of your estate. There are many ways to structure this, such as an unrestricted bequest where the Foundation’s leadership determines how the money is to be disbursed within the Foundation, or a restricted bequest where you determine how the money is to be used – such as to provide art supplies or to assist with the costs of AP exams. It’s a great way to make sure your money stays in Brockway instead of in Washington DC.

How Can This Be Done?

  1. Donations to the Foundation can be made by calling the school district business office at 814.265.8411. If you wish to create a bequest, talk to your financial planner or attorney to structure it into your will. Any amount – large or small – will give unique enrichment opportunities to students who walk the halls of dear old Brockway High like you once did.

Ways to draft a will or add a codicil that will help the Foundation

  • General bequest: Specific dollar amount to be donated to the Foundation
  • “I bequeath to the Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation, Brockway, PA, the amount of $____________________.”
  • Residuary bequest: After all other bequests are made, the remainder of your estate is left to the Foundation
  • “I bequeath the rest of my estate to the Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation, Brockway, PA.”
  • Unrestricted bequest: “To be used for purposes as deemed appropriate by the Foundation’s board of directors.”
  • Restricted bequest: “To be used in the following manner, [INSERT REQUIREMENTS], in accordance with the Foundation’s overall objectives.”
  • Contingent bequest: “Bequest to the Foundation provided that my final estate valuation is greater than $________________.”

Other methods to donate to the Foundation

  • Make tax-deductible, charitable donations at any time
  • Get involved with EITC Tax Credits
  • Make the Foundation a beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy
  • Paypal-If you would like to make a Donation to the Foundation, please click the DONATE button below and make a donations using the Foundation's Paypal account.

Contact the district office today at 814.265.8411 or talk to your attorney or financial planner.